Destiny Stone

  • Genre: role playing, platform
  • Developer: Manic Frog
  • GD Star Rating

In Destiny Stone you must help Penelope Pearl save Nassaria from the evil God of Destruction! Explore a beautiful fantasy world in this free anime role playing adventure game.

Learn magic spells, craft items, make friends and go on romantic dates as you unlock the game’s engaging storyline. You could even fall in love!

Destiny Stone is a mix between role playing and platform game, you take the role of Penelope Pearl on your quest to save Nassaria from destruction.

The game is focused on a story you have to play, you have lots of text dialogs, and static artwork all anime based and quite well done, but when you play the actual platform levels you are taken to a more retro environment, platform levels are quite simple and require you to use your keyboard, move jump and strike your enemies that come in the form of bunnies, that you actually don’t feel like killing.

It is all very strait forward leaving a sense that something is missing. I actually finished a level just buy moving forward and jumping over the bunnies, and in a matter of seconds I was in the level finish.


All the basic role playing stuff is there, stats, items, including item forging and item enchanting, improving your skills and adding extra damage and resistance. You can also visit the shop to buy clothes, armor and different types of weapons mainly in the form of staffs, healing potions, ingredients and jewelery to ware.


My sincere opinion is that Destiny Stone is a role playing game to girls, an attempt to attract the female gender to the whole role playing business, and in this way it can be quite effective, but also gets quite restricted as to the number of players.

Destiny Stone can be a really nice game for kids, mainly girls, with a great story and environment, and funny, non scary enemies, to deal with, when I was playing this game my daughters really liked it, and now they want to play it, so who am I to judge 🙂

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Tips and Tricks

The game features a great tutorial that can be accessed from the game screen. You can check it here.

For characters guide check here.

And for chapters Guide here.

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Dating in Destiny Stone

Fortune Reading in Destiny Stone

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