Dexter: Slice of Life

  • Genre: Action, Puzzle
  • Developer: Ecko | Code
  • Monthly Users: 500
  • GD Star Rating

Dexter: Slice of Life is a Facebook game where you can play the main character of the TV series, developed by Code Ecko and Showtime. Play the role of Dexter, the serial killer with a conscience, as he hunts other murderers that darken the streets of Miami.

Your mission is to help Dexter follow his Code, to be absolutely certain that his victims are deserving of his attentions and, above all else, avoid getting caught.

Relive the gripping storyline as you play as Dexter Morgan along with the season 6 narrative. Explore Miami and locations seen on Dexter to complete missions and find evidence required to take down killers.

As Dexter, you must investigate crime scenes to find clues that identify murderers and prove they are guilt. Once you’ve gathered all the clues, you can stalk them and inject them with tranquilizers.

The next step is on the kill room, ready to confess his sins and become a blood slide trophy for Dexter… the rest of him packed up in trash bags and dumped in the ocean where no one will ever find the body.

You can engage in conflict with other players as Dexter by opening the Targets list and selecting an opponent. You visit the police station and follow several missions to track and stalk the target, much like a killer in the main story.

Overall, Dexter Slice of Life is a game for fans  of the series.

Tips and Tricks

Dexter Slice of Life PVP tutorial

Dexter Slice of Life Tutorial

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