Diamond Dash

  • Genre: Match-3, Puzzle
  • Developer: Wooga
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
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Diamond Dash is a 60 second gem rush: click colorful gems, unleash magic diamonds and compete with your friends!

Diamond Dash restricts your play sessions to one minute. So you’ll have just 60 seconds to clear away as many blocks as possible. This set-up can be extremely addictive, as you constantly replay that one minute attempting to best your previous score or those of your friends.

Popcap’s Zuma series set a trend for arcade puzzle games on Facebook platform, bringing easy-to-understand and addictive nature of gameplay that has been proven massively popular. This time, Wooga, Europe’s largest social game developer based in Germany, was continuing to emulate this successful formula which has already been saturated in this field. Having absorbed advantages from its predecessors, Diamond Dash is nearly a flawless puzzler on Facebook although it’s still in the beta test phase and far from complete.

Diamond Dash is a match-and-clear game, but not of the Bejewled, gem-swapping variety, nor of Zuma Blitz, gem-string style. Instead, you are presented with a screen full of colored gems. To remove them, you need to click on contiguous blocks consisting of more than 3 gems of same color.

Clicked blocks will disappear, causing blocks above the deleted ones to fall; meanwhile new blocks pour in from the top and fill the gaps. “Inspired” by Zuma Blitz, Diamond Dash restricts the play session into one minute, during which you will have to clear away as many gems as possible. You can earn experience and gain new levels which enables you to unlock power-ups.

There’s also a high-score leaderboard so that you can compare scores with others. As a fresh player, you start off the game with 5 hearts, which is also borrowed from Blitz. Hearts are required to play the 60-second match.


Diamond Dash inherits the delightfully charming graphics style from its counterparts. The blocks are colorful, and the animation is slick and a little cute panda dressed up like Aladdin guides you through the gameplay.

As a whole, Diamond Dash uses almost the same game structure of Bejeweled or Zuma Blitz. The colored grids, 60-second timer, tournaments, leveling system, life system and power-ups, almost all accounted for, except for one thing: Instead of switching gems by clicking and dragging during split-second thought process in Bejewled, you just need to click the sections of three or more identical gems, which seems to be much easier.

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