DiLiGO Slots

  • Genre: Slot Machines
  • Developer: DiliGO games
  • GD Star Rating

DiLiGO Slots is a free to play new Facebook slots game! Spin using your 500 FREE Daily Tokens and win!

DiLiGO Slots gives you 500 token a day to play, for every turn you play you win Points that can be used to enter the Lucky Draw Store to purchase raffle tickets. Points can also be used to upgrade the various slot machines to higher levels to increases the win pay out percentage, unlocks Bonus Games as well as Progressive Jackpots. Still got some Points to spare then why not get a Badge to display on your Profile to show all your friends how well you are doing!

Running out of Tokens? Send free Token Gifts to your friends without decreasing your own Token balance.

Check out the Leader boards to see where you stand in relation to your friends! Can you get in the top 80 on the various Live Leader boards for your best spin of the hour? Token Prizes up for grabs:

1st place wins 2000 tokens
2nd place wins 1000 tokens
3rd place wins 1000 tokens
4th – 20th place win 500 tokens
21st – 80th place win 250 tokens

On other Leaderboards you compete for daily, weekly and monthly prizes for the most points earned during these periods.

DiLiGO Slots is a nice entertainment for slots fans who don’t want to bet real money, and want to spare some time competing with friends for high scores.

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