Diner Dash

  • Genre: Time Management, Restaurant
  • Developer: Playfish
  • GD Star Rating

Diner Dash on Facebook has been closed on 29 August 2011

Play the chart-topping time management blockbuster that launched the Dash craze!

Help Flo, Diner Dash‘s iconic heroine, grow her fledgling diner into a five-star restaurant in this fun, action-oriented and highly addictive game that is sure to bring out the entrepreneur in everyone!
Seat, serve and turn tables in this game of skill, speed and savvy. Delight your eager customers by providing quick service to earn big tips. Soothe impatient guests with coffee before they get angry and skip out on the bill!

Try it on your computer, download it to your iPhone, or play it free on Facebook, and see why Diner Dash has captivated millions of fans around the world.

Tips and Tricks

  • To rack up real high scores in the game, first of all, you need a whole lot of practice, because playing Diner Dash early on can be overwhelming.
  • Second, there are many things you need to know in order to increase your effectiveness and score the most points per set of customers.
  • For pretty much everything you can do, you can only do it for two tables at a time – for example, you can carry dishes from two tables, you can carry food to two tables, or you can collect orders from two tables. Make sure to collect two at a time as often as possible in order to get the 2X bonus from the second one you collect. To maximize this bonus, if you have a smaller and a larger table of guests, collect the smaller one first and the larger one last.
  • Your big point totals will come when it’s time to collect the bill and the tip. You can collect an unlimited number of tips in a row, so if you collect six tips in a row, you’ll get a 2x bonus for the second one, 3x bonus for the third one, 4x bonus for the fourth one, etc, all the way up to a 6X bonus. Try to stagger your various eaters so that they will finish at the same time, so you can collect gigantic tips by gathering multiple tips in a row.
  • To maximize your collected points even further, you should collect from your smallest tables and your tables with the least hearts left over first, and your larger groups with more hearts last. Larger groups with more hearts will give much larger tips, so combining these larger tips with your bonus multipliers can lead to gigantic scores.
  • One exception, though, is this:  If you have a table of six seniors and table of six other diners (especially businesswomen or hot shots), collect from the businesswomen or hot shots last. Senior are stingy tippers, but businesswomen and hot shots are some of the best tippers in the game.
  • You can continue playing until you run out of energy. After that, there are two free ways to regain yoru energy.
  • The first is to sit around and simply wait until your energy is restored.
  • The second, and preferred, method, is to collect waste from your park that Big Corp leaves around. For each piece of waste collected, you will gain more energy, so use this when you are running out of energy.
  • To increase attraction points in your park, build various plants, decorations and such. The best way to build attraction points is to build the Greenwood Picnic Bench, which costs only 800 coins but gives 25 attraction points. Build a bunch of those to rack up the attraction points.
  • What do attraction points do? The more you have, the more different types of customers you can attract to the diners (this seems to apply to Darla’s Cafe, not to Flo’s Diner), and the more per table. There’s no specific indicator to how many attraction points it takes to unlock what kind of customer though. It’s not entirely necessary to the game.
  • To gain levels quickly, simply follow all of the quests that pop up. Each quest will earn you a certain amount of experience points, and completing them will cause you to gain levels rapidly.

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