Diner Life

  • Genre: Restaurant Simulation
  • Developer: Dapper Games LTD
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Diner Life is a restaurant management Facebook game from Dapper games. In Diner Life you create, grow and manage your own diner as the heart of a thriving local scene. Serve up delicious diner food and decorate your diner in a range of classic styles from deco to rock and beyond!

All the regular options in this kind of game are present, you have to prepare your meals, with several click, and then serve them to your customers. You can hire friends or temp workers to work in you diner, as well as you can visit them and help out in their.

You get experience from all the actions you do which allow you to level up, and unlock new items, either utility or decorative, quests are in a choose what to do bases, meaning you get to choose which quest you want to do at each time, by applying to it.

Some extra items will require you to ask your friends for parts, like the case of the juke box and others. Achievements, gifts, avatar customization and expansions are all present. All this sums up to make Diner Life a very nice option for Facebook restaurant game fans.

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Diner Life gameplay

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