Dirty Dancing on Facebook

  • Genre: Resort Management
  • Developer: Social Game Universe
  • GD Star Rating

Dirty Dancing on Facebook is a City building game, targeted to the still huge fan crowd of the 80’s Movie with the same name with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. You are received and helped by Patrick Swayze himself, you can choose your gender by picking him or her and you have to run and upgrade a tourist facility, just like in the movie!

You have to build attractions, place decorations, expand by placing new lodges for your guest, a few extra touches are very nice, like having to choose a dance style, to rehearse dancing show, and to discover new dance combos by mixing several different dance styles.

As you level up and progress on the game, you get several rewards for accomplished quests, and you’ll be unlocking still scenes from the original movie!

Dirty Dancing on Facebook manages to pick on a successful game style, and adds several new touches to please fans from the Movie, as a result you have a very thematic and enjoyable experience even for those younger ones not familiar with the movie.

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 Dirty Dancing Basic actions

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