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  • Genre: restaurant management
  • Developer: Ironstar Helsinki Oy
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Disco Empire is a game which enables players to manage their own discos and to create totally personalized look & feel for the place. Players compete against Facebook friends on the disco master hood by preparing and serving drinks for the customers.

Disco Empire is a disco management game, it play a little like restaurant games, Café World or Tea4friends, but with the disco theme, and has some extra features.

The game play is pretty similar to other management games, in this one you have to prepare drinks, and instead of stoves, you have shelves, the preparation only requires 1 click and after the required time of preparation you can serve them in the counters. Each preparation gives you experience to level up. As you level up more drinks, decorations and utility items become available for you to use.

Disco Empire features a series of quests and task, task are more easy to achieve, for example, to buy a new shelf or prepare a number of drinks. Quests on the other hand have more requisites, usually you have to ask friends for different parts or buy them in order to build for example, a Snack Shelf.

Disco Empire doesn’t stop on the disco floor, as you advance in the game you will get to manage a casino floor and even a penthouse party floor, this provides long term objectives to the player and a greater game time, and at the same time variety on the gameplay.

Disco Empires Special Drink Share


You can even prepare special drinks to share with your friends, send gifts visit your friends discos, etc..

Disco Empire also features challenges, this are time driven task that you can try, like making as much profit as you can in 5 minutes. Challenges and quests have to be triggered by you, this way you decide when you want to do them and you can prepare yourself to do it.

There is also a star rating and customer rating to measure how your are doing in the game.

Disco Empire Quest


Overall Disco Empire has nice graphics and sound, has lots of options, variety and originality in the theme and different stages to manage, it is a very complete and enjoyable game to play. If you like management games and are tired of restaurants you should try Disco Empire!

Tips and Tricks

Disco Empire Tips and Questions

Where is the storage?

Open up the furniture list and drag something from the disco to the list. They will go into storage, which means that they will show up in the place where they belong, marked with x1, which means that there is one piece of furniture like that in storage.

How do I raise my disco’s Star Rating?

The stars are collected by placing furniture into the disco. When you go browse the furniture list, you’ll see that some furniture have three stars and some have more or less stars. When you place this furniture into the disco, you will earn the stars that are indicated.

What are Wrapped gifts and how do I send them?

The wrapped gifts are the items you send while visiting a neighbors disco. There’s a gift button to do so when you are at the neighbors disco, above the neighbor list.

I placed a furniture into my disco but it’s not there when I came back. What happened?

Your game save didn’t complete last time around, that’s why the furniture isn’t there. This also means that you didn’t loose any coins since the purchase was never registered. You should always leave the game only after you’ve clicked the comfort save button which is the old computer disc looking button on the right. It saves the game when you leave.

How do I unlock the Casino room?

You need to build the Casino tables to unlock the Casino room. Click on the billiard balls that are on the left of the screen to start building the first table.

I want to move the slot machines into the Casino. How do I do that?

Open up the furniture list and drag the machines to the list. They will go into the storage, which means that they will show up in the place where they belong, for machines it’s Functional -> Special. Then just go to the casino room, open up Specials and drag the machines there.

My customers are not staying in my disco. What is happening?

The customers like to have a drinks to drink, dance floors to dance on and a place to sit. If you don’t have enough of these, some customers might be disappointed and leave.

Also you need to check that the customers have access to the drinks and dance floor. Make sure no furniture is blocking their way.

No customers are coming into my disco, why?

One possibility is that you removed the disco door. The customers like to have it there, since they think that the disco is closed when there is no door. You can find the doors under Furniture -> Doors.

How can I sell some of my furniture?

Open up the furniture list and start dragging the items disco you want to sell. A button, looking like a cash register, will show up on the right side of the screen, just above the furniture list. Drag to furniture on top of the cash register to sell the item.

What are the Star Rating and Disco Rating for?

They basically increase the limit of how many concurrent customers can be in your disco at the same time. You should take your mouse cursor and move it above the rating numbers. A tool tip will show up with information on what happens when you increase the ratings.

How do I receive Disco Cash?

The only way to receive Disco Cash is by purchasing it or by completing the free offers and surveys on the offer wall, which is displayed when you click the Add Cash button.

I go to the Penthouse to do the party tasks, but I get thrown out. What is happening?

You actually don’t do the tasks in the Penthouse since you don’t still own it, it’s owned by the landlord. You do the tasks in your disco and casino. Once you are done with all the parties, you’ll get the penthouse as your place.

I don’t see Disco Empire posts that people are sending. What should I do?

There is a Facebook algorithm that decided what you can see on your news feed on the home page of Facebook. It can be resolved in two ways: Click on Games (on the left hand side) and then select “Disco Empire” and then you can see all Disco Empire posts OR You put your Disco friends into a ‘disco’ list and then click on “friends” on the left hand side and click on the “disco” list and then I see everything posted by my disco friends.

Also, to make more likely that Facebook will show you Disco Empire posts, Click on ‘Like’ on as many of the Disco Empire posts you can (like when the Swedish Chef visits a friend) then the algorithm takes that into account and starts showing you more Disco Empire related posts.

How many shelves do I get at certain levels?

The limit of shelves is increased when you level up to a certain level (see list below).

Level 5 = 4 shelves
Level 6 = 5 shelves
Level 10 = 6 shelves
Level 14 = 7 shelves
Level 18 = 8 shelves
Level 22 = 9 shelves
Level 26 = 10 shelves
Level 30 = 11 shelves
Level 34 = 12 shelves
Level 38 = 13 shelves
Level 42 = 14 shelves
Level 46 = 15 shelves
Level 54 = 17 shelves
Level 58 = 18 shelves
Level 64 = 19 shelves
Level 70 = 20 shelves
Level 73 = 21 shelves
Level 78 = 22 shelves
Level 82 = 23 shelves
Level 86 = 24 shelves
Level 90 = 25 shelves

The limit of shelves is increased with +1 when you unlock the Casino Room and when you complete the Super Shelf.

How many counters do I get at certain levels?

The limit of counters is increased when you level up to a certain level (see list below).

Level 5 = 4 counters
Level 11 = 5 counters
Level 19 = 6 counters
Level 23 = 7 counters
Level 27 = 8 counters
Level 36 = 9 counters
Level 46 = 10 counters
Level 52 = 11 counters
Level 54 = 12 counters
Level 56 = 13 counters
Level 61 = 14 counters
Level 66 = 15 counters
Level 68 = 16 counters
Level 72 = 17 counters
Level 76 = 18 counters
Level 80 = 19 counters
Level 84 = 20 counters
Level 88 = 21 counters

The counter limit is also increased with +1 when you complete the Snack Shelf, the Spiked Snack Shelf and the Casino Room

The counter limit increases with +2 when you complete the Penthouse.


This questions are from the Official game FAQ written by Kaku Kiko, you can check the original FAQ above the game screen.

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