Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

  • Genre: Hidden Objects
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is the latest Hidden Object game from Playdom launched exclusively on Facebook. Inspired by the most popular animal park in the Universe, Disney Social Games presents a brand new Hidden Object Game for Facebook.

Animal Kingdom Explorers invites you to join a team of globe-trotting wildlife experts on nature’s ultimate quest. Join Global Wildlife Research team members as they guide you through exotic wilderness to preserve habitats, build and grow your very own protective animal habitats, protect endangered species and expose a cast of entertaining characters.

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers launched this week, allowing everyone to play after a closed beta period, when speaking of hidden object games on Facebook it is nearly impossible not to mention or compare a new HOG to Gardens of Time or Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, as you start playing it is also impossible to miss the gameplay similarities and structure and common points between the three games, which in this case ends up being a really nice thing and a guarantee of quality.

But there are even so many differences to notice, the first one is the theme, Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers offers a fresh and cute animal related theme with lots of colorful scenes and animals to find.

Each scene comes with an introductory dialog, where the scene is sort of explained and justified, some revolve around finding missing items of luggage or other items along your journey of adventure, but most scenes are about finding animals from varied species, sizes, shapes and colors.

At home you can build your own preserve, gain reputation to unlock news scenes and ultimately provide endangered animals a place to live in peace, by building habitats and placing decorations.

Ultimately, the very best thing about Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is the educational content provided by the gameplay experience, and the option to view animal information using the animal hint option. If you are looking for a great family game, one you can actually play with your kids, and give them some knowledge at the same time, you have to try Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers.

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