Dog Show Friends

  • Genre: Pets
  • Developer: 4mm Games
  • GD Star Rating

Play Dog Show Friends, the delightful game where you can customize your own adorable puppy, then raise it to be a champion! Teach your pup tricks and upgrade your pet’s palace with new toys, treats, and accessories for extra puppy love!

To get started, all you and your friends need to do is pick a puppy and you are on your way. Playing, walking, grooming, training your dog could produce a champion, but keep in mind, a happy hound is already a winner!

In Dog Show Friends you have to train and pet your fury friend. Among others you can:

· PICK OF THE LITTER: From Dalmatians to Daschunds, Poodles to Pugs, there’s a variety of puppy breeds available for you to raise

· PICK-A-DOGGY: Stripes, spots, or solids – pick an adorable look for your pup

· PUPPY PERSONA: Is your dog sociable or a maverick? Find the right personality to make a friend for life

· TRAIN YOUR CHAMPION: Winning dogs are well-behaved, so teach your pooch to sit, roll-over, and stay – there’s a variety of commands to learn in the “Trick Book”

· PUPPY LOVE: Give your wet-nosed pup the love she needs – a scratch behind the ears or a good belly rub goes a long way

· CHOW DOWN: No one likes a hungry hound – make sure your pup has the kibble she needs to keep her tail wagging

· PUPPY POWER NAPS: Chasing tails and begging for table scraps is hard on a pup – make sure she gets the sleep she needs to get back to slobbering and sniffing

· THE DOGHOUSE: Good dogs deserve a nice home – upgrade your puppy’s palace with new toys, treats, and accessories

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