Doom Forge

  • Genre: Action, Role Playing
  • Developer: Xenao Games
  • Monthly Users: 4400
  • GD Star Rating

Doom Forge is a free to play game set in a fantasy world with a captivating story and stunning visual effects like no other game on Facebook. Create your own 3D avatar, fight against other players, earn money and reputation to equip yourself for epic quests

Please note that the game is in the development phase and may not be fully functional. We rely on your patience and participation to help us stear the game in the right direction.

Leveling an experience.

This is a way the game categorizes its overall effectiveness, power, usefulness, strength and challenge. To gain a new level you are required to earn experience by fighting against other players. The maximum level in the current version of the game is level 14. We will raise the maximum level once new content becomes available.

Silver coins

Can be earned after each battle. You can use coins to buy new gear or learn new skills.

Gold coins

Can be purchased only. Gold coins give you access to some special items and gear. However it does not give you a significant advantage against other players and does not replace your own skill.

Doom Forge

How To Win In Doom Forge

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Doom Forge, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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