Doomsday Defense

  • Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense
  • Developer: IGG Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 100
  • GD Star Rating

Build towers, wipe out monsters, join forces with friends and plunder enemy players. Doomsday Defense combines all the best features of tower defense games to create an experience where the excitement never ends!

Humans, Demons and Spirits – whose world will YOU protect?

Doomsday Defense is at its core a Tower Defense game, but it as much more to it, that can be too much for some players. The are so much stuff available that you can find yourself lost pretty quickly, or at least you don’t see half of it.

You start by choosing a race, demons, humans or spirits, they have different special abilities, but basically it is just a matter of felling.

Doomsday Defense features PVP (Player versus player) mode, where you can attack another player, playing the monster role, which can be a stand out to other games like it, and maybe set a rule of thumb for future games.

The classic PVE, is nice and has good gameplay. Graphically the game is nice, with lots of detail, but also lots of options so they have done a nice job to fitting it all in the game screen, as almost all options are accessible for the main screen.

You have to gather resources like stone, iron, crystal and souls in order to build and upgrade, or even repair you castle, and towers.

Doomsday Defense money is coins, you also have cash and voucher.

Tips and Tricks

How to Play Doomsday Defense

First you have to choose your race…



Lets see what we have in the different screens.

On the Defense map or PVE you can place your towers, this is done using workers, you start with two. This screen is where you will be attacked, if any enemy gets through your castle will loose health point.

For each monster you put done you receive new blueprints needed to build better towers.

This is the castle screen, where you have you castle, You need to upgrade it so you can have more, souls, PS, and towers.

It is also here that you gather resources, like iron, souls, crystal and stone, this are necessary for building you structures.

You also have the academy where you can learn various skills and technologies, like improved mining and defense, etc.

In the fusion forge you can fuse blueprint to produce more powerful ones.

And the soul tower gets you monsters for your army.


When you have enough monsters to build a proper army you can go to the PVP screen, where you can attack other players.


I think this will get you started.

Don’t forget to invite friends to play the game, and if you have any tips and trick feel free to share it with us.


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