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Be Legendary! Dragon Age Legends is the first real game on Facebook. Enjoy this epic, free online RPG adventure game from BioWare and EA2D. Battle demons and darkspawn with your friends, earn loot and build the ultimate castle in this epic free online RPG.

13 years have passed since a group of warriors led by the Templar Ravi banded together to prevent an abomination from destroying the Free Marcher city of Kaiten in a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence.

The former Viscount Khedra spent most of his life as a venerated ruler, celebrated for his wisdom. Late in life, he started to change, beginning with the construction of a great coliseum where nobles’ chosen champions competed for pride and glory.

What began as games of entertainment quickly devolved into great spectacles of carnage punctuated by outlandish pageantry. The lesser nobles of Kaiten no longer settled their disputes in court, instead grievances big and small were decided by sword for the pleasure of an increasingly bloodthirsty populace.

The Viscount’s nephew, Ravi, and his allies discovered the source of Khedra’s odd behavior: Khedra was possessed by a powerful Pride demon and was now an abomination. These heroes were able to defeat the demon in a fearsome confrontation, and mysteriously, you were there to aid them.

Now, Ravi is the Viscount of Kaiten and you are one of his most trusted allies. When a mysterious set of circumstances begin to form around his son Eiton, you are the only one he trusts to save his son.

Dragon Age Legends is the first real game on Facebook. Enjoy this epic, free online adventure game from BioWare and EA2D. Battle demons and darkspawn with your friends and build the ultimate castle. Be Legendary!

Dragon Age: Legends, which could be dismissed as mere promotional tripe were it not for the game’s obvious complexity. Within moments, Legends reveals itself as a rich and sprawling gamefull of surprises and tiny innovationsand EA2D’s so taken with this little project that the studio has taken to calling it “the first real game on Facebook.”

The high fantasy thrills kick off with a fairly stunning animated cinematic (be warned, parents, it’s not for the kids), and quickly hops in to a character selection menu that lets you customize a warrior, a rogue, or a mage for your fights against the malevolent horde known as the darkspawn.

Dragon Age Legends

It’s not long before you’re in the world itself, battling monsters and grabbing loot with the help of NPCs or your Facebook friends in group-based combat. The battles themselves are turn-based in the style of early games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, which means that each player in your party gets to take a shot and then the enemy gets to take a shot.

As you level, you gain access to increasingly powerful abilities and upgrades, and you can block attacks, heal yourself, and obliterate multiple enemies at once time. As a social advantage, you can pull two or more of your Facebook friends into battle once every couple of hours and take full advantage of their abilities no matter their level.

This is a good thing, since battles get hard quickly. I was lucky enough to have several friends playing who were several levels higher than I was, and I could yank them into battle every few hours and annihilate my opponents while compensating for my own weaknesses. Elsewhere, you can name and build your own castle, complete with servants who make potions, bombs, or other supplies to help you on your way. And true to social game traditions, you can visit your friends’ castles once per day and nab some gold from a chest.

Dragon Age Legends

The problem is, if you don’t have many friends playing, it’s extremely difficult to progress without spending real-world cash. Even then, advancement depends on how often you can use your friends or the weak NPC buddies the game provides, and soloing becomes all but impossible after the first couple of missions. Unless you want to spend some cash every time you die, upgrade your castle, or pull a friend back in combat long before their timer is up, you’ll only get to play Dragon Age: Legends in snippets throughout the day.

It’s an intentional move, since the main benefit of playing Dragon Age: Legends is to win virtual items you can use in the recently released RPG Dragon Age II for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Even if you don’t currently own the game, you can get your rewards at any time in the future by matching up Legends with Dragon Age II via EA’s account service. And while many of these items are mere fluff (and you get two or three of them almost immediately), Legends stands out as one of the best examples of console/Facebook crossovers to date.

Dragon Age Legends

It’s hard to discount EA2D’s achievement here, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what awaits you. Many of the hardcore players coming to Dragon Age: Legends via the consoles no doubt see its turn-based combat as something of a step back, but a good number of these same players are coming to the game without knowing how it well it stands out among its competitors. Legends shows that turn-based RPGs are possible on Facebook, which could mean important developments for the platform in the near future.

Tips and Tricks

Dragon Age Legends strategy guide and tips

Dragon Age Legends is the new Facebook game from Electronic Arts. These tips come straight from the developers.

Keep Your Workers Happy Keeping your workers happiness up reduces the amount of time it takes to craft potions, bombs and kits. Workers like having windows and being near taverns. They don’t like living underground, and who can blame them. Would you like living underground?

Keep Your Workshops Productive Productive workshops craft more potions per appointment. Keep your workshops productive by placing them near furnaces or upgrading their productivity individually.

Maximize Your Boosts Taverns and Furnaces are very powerful methods of boosting happiness and productivity in your castle. Maximize the number of worker rooms touching a tavern and the number of workshops touching a furnace. Use gold to upgrade these rooms for big gains in your castle.

Choose Your Friends Wisely Be strategic about the friends that you bring into battle, as each friend will need to rest for a while before you can use them again. You should consider your whole play session, not just that individual battle, when recruiting heroes. If your battle is going to be fairly easy, balance out your friends by choosing one high level friend and one low level friend.

More Friends Means More Gold Every time a friend uses your hero in combat, you receive friend gold as a reward. The more friends you encourage to recruit your hero, the quicker you’ll be able to buy that next worker room.

Fire Bombs Monsters, just like players, need mana to use their most powerful skills. Use fire bombs to burn away mana from powerful monsters like Hurlock Emissaries to minimize the threat they pose.

Shock Bombs Shock bombs deal damage to all the enemies in a wave. Use them when facing large groups of monsters to maximize the amount of damage a bomb can do.

Turn Queue Tactics The turn queue on the bottom of the screen shows you the order of the next 7 attackers. Use the turn queue to make strategic decisions about what to do on your turn. If a powerful enemy is coming up, use a Frost Bomb or a crippling skill to incapacitate them.

Team Kits The Infirmary can make several kits which apply to your full team. Upgrade your infirmaries to access powerful kits like the Team Mana Salve, which adds two mana to all members of your party.

Craft on the Go You can manage your castle and pick up friend gold on the go from your smart phone. Simply visit Dragon Age Legends Mobile to manage your castle while you’re away from your computer. Use Dragon Age Legend Now! to keep your hero fully stocked with all your favorite potion, bomb, and kits.

List of Unlockables in Dragon Age Legends for Dragon Age II Air of Confidence * Complete the quest Secure Fort Elim to earn Air of Confidence * Type: Ring * Stats: +1 willpower, +7 Health Evra’s Might * Learn how to build your castle in the tutorial to earn Evra’s Might * Type: Ring * Stats: +18 attack , +3% physical damage Evra’s Trophy Belt * Reach Freylen’s Peak and complete the quest Vantage Point to earn Evra’s Trophy Belt * Type: Belt * Stats: +2 health regeneration , +3% physical damage, +2% damage resistance Ivo Family Crest * Defeat Raspin and complete the quest The Rascal Raspin to earn the Ivo Family Crest. * Type: Amulet * Stats: +10 Health, +1 Armor Dura’s Blue Flame * Will be given on March 25th to celebrate someone’s birthday * Type: Amulet * Stats: +23 Attack , +10% Fire Damage , +10% Cold Damage

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