Draw My Thing

  • Genre: Pictionary, Skill
  • Developer: OMGPOP
  • GD Star Rating

Draw My Thing is a fun multiplayer Facebook game, where you and your friends have to draw a word and the others have to guess it before time runs out.

Some games are simple is design and conception, but can be great to play and provide enjoyable moments between friends, Draw My Thing uses the same base as Pictionary the board game, but can be played from users around the globe each in its home.

The game is always played with real players from the game pool of waiting users, when 6 are ready to play, the game starts, each one in turn will have to draw a picture of something, (drawing words is cheating), in the mean while the others try to guess what it is in the chat window, when someone guesses the game will recognize it and the person gets points.

The winner is the one with more points at the end of all rounds.

Draw my thing is a really fast paced and fun game to play, different from the majority of Facebook games, but it really uses the power of the web and the possibilities to come out with a great result!

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Draw My Thing, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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