Dream World

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Dream World
  • Monthly Users: 6800
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Dream World is a unique game that is different from the one-click clones. Please give it a try and enjoy its deep, rich experience!

Dream World is a rich multiplayer universe, an online role playing game (RPG) originally developed and played by thousands of players between 2002 and 2004. It has now been redesigned and adapted to be a social game for FaceBook and other networks.

Unlike majority of RPGs you find on FaceBook and other social networks, Dream World is a much deeper experience similar to traditional RPGs, but simple designs and short tutorials that will allow any computer user to learn and play. Your main goal in the game is to save the Dream World from its ultimate destruction, and become stronger and well respected in the process.

When you start playing the game you are taken through a tutorial to get used to the game basics.

Dream World is a classic RPG game, refurbished form social playing, still for those fans of the original gameplay the core is all there.

Nice static graphics, and lots of detail. The game has a lot of options, and lots of things to do, but fortunately for new players the game features a series of very simple tutorials to help you understand the game basics and structure, while maintaining a fast paced feeling of progression.

As to the game itself, you start you journey in a small village, you have to choose you hero class, from Knight, Mage or Ranger, they all have different abilities and skill.

You are then taken to a tutorial quest, where you learn to explore the game world, exploring cost energy as it is explained through the tutorial, you stumble on various situation, from finding mushrooms that you can try (giving you +1 energy), to different characters that you need to interact, and foes you need to fight. Theres a great variety in the game situations.

Other interesting game feature is the possibility to have allies, you will find some through your journey to help you out in your quests.

Interesting and refreshing puzzles will come often in your way, in order to get some quest items.

You can invite friends to join your party, join guilds, send gifts a some more stuff, the game also feature live chat which is great!

Also in the monetization there is an interesting option, instead of just paying with real money, you can answer some questionnaires to get Gems that can be used to buy special items. Please be careful when doing this offers as they are from third party and some of them involve you to spend real money (such as mobile phone services), you can also just buy gems with real money.

Dream World gives you all you can expect from a classic solid RPG, lots of stats, special abilities, items, weapons, the possibility to use skill point on level up, and much more.

Bottom line, even if you have never tried classic RPG before, Dream World is your opportunity to start.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Dream World guide

You star by choosing your class, Knight, Mage or Ranger.

Then you take the small tutorial, starting on a quest through the marsh.

Each explore zone has 5 areas, exploring each one requires energy.

I find several different situations, in this case mushrooms, that you can try to taste, sometimes you might be up for bad surprises, but just not now

Battling enemies is done through a very easy interface, you can attack or flee, you can also use special attacks, called skills, in this case I have Lightning Blade, in order to use it you will have to select it and it will show a small sliding bar, depending on where you click this will be more effective or not (being left less effective and right more).

You will find some characters to interact, decisions will have to be made and it affects your journey in several ways.

Fighting foes gives you experience, but does also interaction in different ways will do.

Treasures might demand the resolution of some puzzles, which successfully solved will give you rewards, this can be items, or power-ups on you character.

On Level-up, you have learning points to be used to improve your skills. Your energy is also restored.

Dream World features some social events and loyalty events, such the daily Free Chest.

Allies are a very important part of the game, you will encounter some during you progress, but you can also buy Premium allies, with gems.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of changing class after starting the game.

This is your stas screen, you can check your class, level and progression, battle stats, skill and attributes.

Another interesting thing is the existence of a global/friends ranking enhancing even more the social interaction.

Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks with us.

The game features a very comprehensive How to Play section that you can use in case you have any doubt.

You have additional tips? Share it with us!

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