Dress me Up

  • Genre: dress up
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Monthly Users: 3900
  • GD Star Rating

Dress Me Up is a community game of dolls maker. In this game you can put make up on your doll, brush her, dress her, decorate her loft and have her be the best seductress.

Dress me Up is a Facebook game about, dress up, it is clearly an attempt of 6Waves developers to address the whole Dress up flash games for girls market, the only problem is that you need a certain age to have a Facebook account, and that can be a problem, of course you can let your daughters play in your account as it happens to me :), but it is clearly an handicap on the number of players.

The game itself is quite what is expected from a dress up game, there is no fantasy wrap up, instead you start the game by choosing one doll that is going to be basically your avatar, you have all the options on customization available, from the eyes, hair, makeup etc.

Dress me Up Features a very nice tutorial introduction, where Sarah, your hostess, will guide you through the basics of the game. All you need is to follow the hints she gives, with a glowing arrow pointing to your next move, and read the tips on the Sarah’s advice screen.

The game has many features and theres is a more than Dress up to do, for example you have to work to make money, to expand your Doll house, you start with a baby sitting job, but as you progress other will be available.

Dress me Up Loft

Money is used for training your doll, giving her more experience for example, acquiring experience will give your doll characteristic points necessary to advance in the game, or to take on a better job.

Sarah will be giving you advice as you go, you can buy clothes at the shop and do makeovers to your doll in order to improve characteristic point.

Dress me Up features a great Help section if you have any question and it is really easy to use, despite some french untranslated parts 🙂

Dress me Up Fashion Show

Overall Dress me Up features good graphics, great variety of brands, clothes and accessories for fans, and when compared to the Flash games competition, it offers much more deepness and continuity, has social features like gifting and visiting, Fashion Shows etc. For Dress up fans it is one of the best offers available.

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