Dungeon Rampage

  • Genre: Action, Role Playing
  • Developer: Rebel Entertainment
  • Monthly Users: 500000
  • GD Star Rating

Dungeon Rampage is a new action and role playing game on Facebook developed Rebel Entertainment. Dungeon Rampage lets you fight your way through monster crowded dungeons alone or with your friends and battle your way to victory in a real multiplayer action game.

Unlock characters, earn powerful weapons and level-up as you rampage through a gauntlet of enemies and destruction. You can also train your skills and become more powerful.

Dungeon Rampage uses the 3D Unity Engine, like Uberstrike or Buddy Rush to provide full 3D graphics directly into your Browser with leaving the Facebook page, and can be played using the keyboard or the mouse.

There area also achievements and experience to be gained, weapons and moves to train!

Tips and Tricks


Play using the arrow keys, and Z, X, C to attack and use items. Or use your mouse.

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Dungeon Rampage, 4.7 out of 5 based on 54 ratings

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