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Do you have what it takes to become a FIFA Superstar?

Real players. Real soccer. Manage your own team and beat your friends’ squads, challenge the world’s biggest clubs and guide your Superstars to glory!

Build your dream team by signing the world’s best soccer players to your club. Upkeep your training and customize your formation to work your way to the top. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to 1v1 matches and brag about your victory!

EA has unleashed a version of the popular soccer gaming franchise for free on Facebook: FIFA Superstars.

The core of what makes up FIFA Superstars is the statistics themselves. When your team has a better stat portfolio than the opposing team, you’ve got a great shot.

Helping you along in the game is the in game currency. For FIFA Superstars there are two versions of virtual money: Playfish Cash (this is your real money going to work) and coin you earn through the games themselves. It’s these details that bring the game to life, even without being able to play in the actual matches.

Statistically heavy, with training, ranking and improving even the stadium, FIFA Superstars is also able to bring social networking features through Facebook .

Tips and Tricks

Fifa Superstars  Tips

Everybody wants to learn how to make money faster and easier in this game. The way to make money is to play matches, and unfortunately, the matches you can play are limited by the amount of match credits you have. But there are ways to play even more matches than your match credits would normally allow you to play.

One such way is to join a fan group such as the FIFA Superstars Fan Page or the FIFA Superstars Mass Mailing Page. Become a fan of both groups, and add people in the members group or people who post “ADD ME” comments and messages. You can play friendlies against your friends who play this game, 1 friendly per friend per day, and the more friends you have, the more friendlies you can play, the more money you can make.

Having more friends means you receive more gifts as well. You should also send free gifts, as when you do, they will be more inclined to send you free gifts. This can be anything from money to players to match credits. So if you get hundreds of friends from the two pages listed above, you get possibly hundreds of gifts.

Sell any of the players that you receive as gifts, that you don’t want. This too will help you make more money at this game.

Don’t pay a trainer to get 10 training points. You can get training points for free just by training, you’ll just have to wait, so it’s really a waste of money.

There’s a glitch that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, but what it does do, is give you free money when it works. Here’s how you do it:

First, bookmark FIFA Superstars. Now, get a friend to post a match credit request on Facebook, or just wait for them to do so. Click “help (friend)” and you’ll get 150 coins. Click “accept” then go to the Facebook home page, and then go to your bookmark. You should get 150 coins again. Now just reload FIFA Superstars and get 150 coins each time you reload.

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