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Welcome to Ecotopia! You are about to embark on a new breed of story-driven social games from independent studio . Developed in association with Conservation International, Ecotopia allows you to save the planet through engaging, mission-driven gameplay.

You’ll begin with an unsustainable environment that can be transformed into a green utopia by collecting in-game resources and completing fun missions.

As a new innovation, we also provide in-game rewards for your performing real-world sustainability acts. And, watch out for our villains, like grumpy Mrs. Griswald. They take no prisoners! Hopefully, you’ll be able to convert them over from the environmental dark side.

When you perform any of the real-world acts mentioned in the game, make sure you send us a photo so that you can earn rewards, and so that we can showcase your actions on our in-game EcotopiaTV. And, be sure to tell your friends and get them to verify your actions, because that way you’ll earn even more rewards!

EcotopiaTV is also the place to watch fascinating videos from our friends at Conservation International (again, with the opportunity to earn more points), and to upload and/or watch amazing and entertaining user-generated videos resulting from our monthly contests.

And if you have a few minutes, take a look at our Ecotopian Heroes page and read about the good work being done by our additional non-profit friends.

Ecotopia was launched in partnership with Conservation International, which has resulted in some unusual game mechanics. In the lower-left corner of the screen there is a video window. If you click on it, it launches an in-game player hosting short videos from Conservation International and a host of other ecologically-minded sources. There are in-game quests that require you to view these videos.

Ecotopia offers a quest tree for you to engage, in order to level up. This is very similar to the quest structure used in games like CityVille.

The gameplay is nothing special and although graphics a videos might be nice to watch the game isn’t smooth enough for a pleasant playing time.

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