• Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Kabam
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Edgeworld is a new Facebook strategy game from Kabam, Kabam has a a tradition on strategy games, with games like Global Warfare or Kingdom’s of Camelot. Edgeworld is set on a futuristic environment, but uses some of the former games gameplay strategies and routines.

Edgeworld starts with a small introductory story to setup the game environment. The game starts with a view of your base, and you are immediately introduced to your assistant, who will guide you through the early stages of the game, you have to do quests suggested by  her, by doing these quests you learn the basic stuff like building structures, units, collecting resources and upgrading them. You get rewards each time you finish a quest, allowing you to get more resources, to perform other quests, and experience to level up and get access to more structures, units and upgrades.

You also learn how battle works, and how to attack and defend. Battles require some strategic planning, because you don’t have control on your units during battle, all you have to do is place the units, by warping them into the desired location, so you have to choose where to drop them carefully, in order to get the best result, after this you have to watch as they storm around your enemies’ units and structures.

Edgeworld features PVP and PVE accessible through the world map, and you can create alliances or join already created ones with other players.

The game also features a real-time chat window where you can see what other players are talking about and share strategies.

Edgeworld features nice and polished graphics and artwork, and a deep strategy environment, but structured in a way that it is very easy for players to get used to the gameplaying and accessible to even the more casual players.

Another great addition to the genre options on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks

Important tip when doing the initial quests.

You don’t have to do the quests in the order they are suggested by the assistant, if you click on her it will show all the quests available, and also it is where you claim your rewards from completed quests.

On the suggested schedule you will come across the quest to do an upgrade to your marines, which requires 500 energy and 250 uranium which you most likely won’t have, and have the option to pay 5 platinum to finish. You can choose to finish other quests first like building a reactor and solar plant to get the necessary resources.

Also don’t forget to visit the game forum for lots of useful information.

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