Empires & Allies

  • Genre: strategy
  • Developer: Zynga
  • GD Star Rating

Empires & Allies is another crown jewel from Zynga, as soon as the game starts you can feel the Zynga touch, great graphic environment, cute characters, Farmville or Frontierville style and you are up to a great game already, you can feel it.
The game is set on a post war situation were your city has been attacked by enemies generals and you have to build your city from scratch, while defending it from enemy attacks.

You start the game with a well driven tutorial, first you are introduced to military building, nice touch by Zynga, as some might expect another city building game like CityVille. This game is also about city building, and about farming and about getting friends and so on… but on a more combat strategy orientation.
After4 building your first barracks, which require usually 3 steps (3 clicks), you train your first troops, after which you have your first fight, and have to defend yourself against enemy invasion. All this is done in such a natural, smooth and paced way, that you get the hang of it so fast…

Empires & Allies starts paced but with a good grip, as you advance you will notice that there is so much to do… and there a problem with that, it is the energy thing :), yes it will never be enough, from training combat units, to buildings, to farming and production you will have always something to do and the energy… you know the drill.

Talking about option, you have many types of building, 20 types of Housing building at start, 9 military buildings, 11 types of industry and farm related buildings, 9 different government buildings with various functionalities.
You also have to deal with energy and resources, from wood necessary to building houses, to more elaborate materials from oil, aluminum and copper to uranium all of them necessary for different things.
There are also Power-ups, roads, decorations etc. and of course expansions to your territory.

Well enough of bragging the game just head on and play it, in my opinion this can be the future of Facebook games and a new CityVille phenomena as social games go. Add to this the possibility to send 75 friend request at a time and its sure to grow fast!

Tips and Tricks

How to play Empire & Allies Walkthrough

We are showing a full tutorial until level 4.

The game is divided into episodes, this give some sensation of accomplishment and at the beginning divides the game basically by type of tasks.

After a short animation, where you see your island destroyed Pearl Harbour way, you have to start building up.

Your first task is to build a barracks so you can train soldiers and build military units.

You have to click 3 times in each building in order to finish it.

Now you can use the barracks to train cadet soldiers, this is done by clicking on the barracks building and choosing the cadets unit.

Each units has its own requirements, the basic only require cash, but more advanced will require other resources such as oil.

After this you have your first fight, just click on the brown square to fight the invaders…

The fight is actually quite simple, all you have to do is click on your units and then click on the enemy units on the right.

Each victory bring rewards, in the form of cash and resources. You have now finished the first episode.

The second episode is devoted to teaching you the building and production basics.

To deploy your units all you have to do is click on the barrack when they have finish producing and place them where you wish, you can move then at any time after.

You are now asked to place your Empire flag, this teaches you were the inventory is, in the right low corner of the screen.

Now you have to build some housing for your population, and some other buildings. Remember you have collect cash from buildings from time to time.

Building houses is done in the build menu, right low corner menu button with a hammer and work hat.


Your next assignment is to build a farm and produce food for your people. This works the same way as before, click 3 times in the building, and after it is done you can click on it to produce the food you want.

Next you’ll have to build a Parliament Building, which is necessary for you to raise your population. At this point you will notice that you need friends, more precisely 3 friends or you need to pay in order to put your Parliament to function.

Its time to send some friend invitations, lucky for you Empire & Allies lets you send 75 friend request a day!

You have to hire 1 House Speaker, 1 Lord Chanceler and 1 Majority Leader.

Now its time to build up your forces, more barracks and new units to defend your island.

Eventually enemies will start to appear, this is one of them and you need to tell him a lesson! Its time to leave your island and attack the enemy in its ground.

Travel and attack your new “neighbor” , you can get help from friends, during the fight just choose a friend, if you don’t have any, you can always count on General Steele 🙂

After this fight , you reach the end of episode 2.

Here is the screen for episode 3, don’t forget to visit us as news info updates will come. Next page there is a list of building and available stuff by level.

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

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Empires & Allies Strategy Guide

Units and Combat Guide

Combat is a crucial part of Empires & Allies, you have to play and use your units the best way to win.

Here are some tips on Units pros and cons.

Ground Units

Cadet soldiers

Great against artillery, carrier and airships. The down side is they are sitting ducks against Tanks, Gunboats and Bombers.

As you level up, you will have Grunts Soldiers that are the same type but with more firepower and health.

Canon Artillery

Great against Tanks, Battleship and Bombers. But great targets for Soldiers, Carriers and Fighters.

Canon Artillery will be replaced for Field Artillery when you get to level 17.

Vintage Tank

Great against soldiers, gunboats and fighters. But with low defenses against Artillery, Battleships and Airships.

Further in the game, as you reach level 20 you will have access to Armored Tank.

Air Units

Vintage Fighter and Mustang Fighter

This get bonuses against Canon, Carriers and Airships. Low defense against Tanks, Bombers and Battleships.

Airships Units (Zeppelin and Helicopter)

Great against Tanks, Gunboats and Bombers. The downside is they are bad against Soldiers, Carriers and Fighters.

Bombers (Vintage and Flying Fortress)

Good against Soldiers, Battleships and Fighters. Penalty against Canons, Gunboats and Airships.

Naval Units

Ironclad Gunboat and Torpedo Gunboat

Great against Soldiers, Carriers and Bombers. Bad against Tanks, Airships and Battleships.


Battleships (Vintage and Light) and The Butcher

Bonus against Tanks, Gun boats and Fighter classes, penalty against Canon, Bomber and Carrier.

Carrier class (Vintage and Light carrier)

Great against canon, battleship and airship. Bad against Soldiers, Fighters and Gunboats.


Now that you know all the unit types their pros and cons, you have to play them wisely in the battlefield, analise your enemy units first and then place your units to maximize their strengths and minimize damage.

Use your Powerups!

Use your powerups in battle, don’t risk loosing your more valuable units! Below are all PowerUps available in the game ate the moment.

And don’t forget to use your allies help in battle, choose your ally and then click on it for a random Powerups!

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Empires & Allies Trailer

Empires & Allies First Impressions Gameplay

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