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  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
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Epic Fighters as been taken OFFLINE

Epic Fighters is a role playing game for Facebook, one set in a dark scenario, as your goal is  to become the new King of Amaranth by defeating all the Boss fighters and the current Dark King.

War has divided the land and it is now up to you to create an Epic Fighter to restore harmony. Choose between Human, Forest Elf, Dark Elf and Undead races. Customize your warrior with an array of options including weapons, armor, helmets and more. Challenge friends to a duel or train with them in Guilds to increase your experience. The time has come for a hero to save the mystical realm.

Epic Fighters environment is nice, thought you would expect a different approach to the game, I was expecting a more deep experience, but the game basically runs like mafia wars, where you just have to hit a button to perform actions, and look at the progress bar as you go, some times you get a fight against an enemy and here the graphics are really detailed and catchy, but once again the whole fight is basically automatic with nothing for you to do but watch.

In terms of role playing, the basic features are there stuff for you to equip, weapons and skill raising.

You can play with your friends, choose different races to play, train your skills and so on, but it all feels a little shalow for what you would expect from a role playing game.

Here are some of the main features of Epic Fighters according to Digital Chocolate:

  • Play with friends on Facebook in this epic adventure
  • Choose from four races including Human, Forest Elf, Dark Elf and Undead
  • Customize the look, weapons and armor of your warrior
  • Join friends in Guilds for extra experience and training
  • Defeat evil bosses and embark on epic quests

Tips and Tricks

How to play Epic Fighters

You start by choosing your race, each one has specific pros and cons.

After which you go through a first tutorial quest, just hit the begin quest, and then keep hitting the button until you finish.

You will see an Epic Boss Encounter at the lowest part of the screen, you can try it from level 4, but you shouldn’t keep doing the other quest until you get strong enough, something like level 10, you have no interest in going there before that.

Each time you level up you get your health and stamina refilled, stamina is used to perform actions.

As you move forward you will get gold and experience, you can then spend gold improving your skills.

Each skill has 10 levels, you spend an amount of gold to train each level, mastering comes after level 10.

And thats about it, you can now enjoy the game, also check the following tips and tricks…

Epic Fighters Tips & Tricks from the Official Digital Chocolate Page

Low on Health? No problem! Spend time completing Quests and try to level up!
Engage in one Quest at a time. This way you’ll complete it soon and get a nice amount of Silver coins!

Daily Challenges
When your Stamina and Health are low, Challenges become a big help. You are rewarded well when you complete the Daily Challenges.
Engage in Epic Boss fights are a great way to boost your experience and receive Silver coins. Just make sure you are ready for the challenge!

This is where you can get Health and Energy items, to make your fights last longer. Equipping Energy or Health restoring items may be a good idea!
Don’t buy too many items if you still need to master basic Techniques.
Only buy accessories if you can’t complete any Quest without them.

Techniques / Duel
Start learning Techniques from your own fight style and magic ability. Techniques from other styles are more expensive.
Don’t buy too many new Techniques before mastering the ones you already have.
Combos are the only Techniques that counter opponent attacks while also doing damage.
Buy the defense Technique of the attack most used by your opponents. Remember that there is a defense for every attack.
When fighting opponents at your level or higher, make sure your Health is full. If it’s not full, get a refill in the Sanctuary.
Remember repairing your equipment when it gets damage on a Duel.

Go to the Edit Fighter tab to customize your character. You can equip armors, helmets and weapons to make your fighter more powerful!
You can see the best Techniques of your opponents at any time by going to their profile page.

Competing for the top ranking position with friends is a lot more fun. Invite your friends into the game!
Remember to do your daily sparring with each of your Friends to get rewards.
If you are proud of your fighter, don’t miss the opportunity to post your progress on your Facebook wall.

Gold Bars

If you want to level up faster, visit the Sanctuary and get Energy, Stamina or Health refills.
In the Sanctuary you can also get Silver coins in exchange for Gold Bars. This is very useful to get the best Techniques and equipment.
You can get Gold Bars for free by completing free offers. Find them by visiting the Sanctuary.

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