Epic Monster War

  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Break Media
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Build army units and send them to attack your enemy. Upgrade your technology, army units and building defense. Just make sure the enemy doesn’t get to your building first!

Epic Monster War Review and Information

Epic monster War is an action/strategy game for Facebook, similar to BattleMe. The goal of the game is to defeat your enemies in 2d side view levels, you have to defend your base and destroy your enemy base, for that you have to produce units which will fight against enemy units.

The game features several upgrades and types of units, as you level up, more become available, you need to plan your strategy in order to overcome increasingly difficult opponents.
Socially,  you are prompted as you start the game to invite your friends to play, but ultimately it is a solo game, where you play against computer opponents.

Epic Monster War is actually a game on Up Up Down Down games platform, which offers lots of flash based games, with experience and level up for playing any game on the platform.

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Epic monster war gameplay / walkthrough

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