Facebook Free Credits and Cheats Scams – How to avoid it!

We are starting a new section on our site (Guides & Walkthroughs), and I think there is no better way to start than with one of the biggest problems on the Facebook platform and virtual world, the Facebook Free Credits scams and Cheat scams, that affect not only those who play the games but also other Facebook users as well.

Facebook users are spammed everyday by posts announcing free credits or miraculous cheats on their walls, some are posted by spammers, but many are posted by users that are tricked by these schemes. This post is mainly to those users that without knowing, help spammers to spread their message.

So lets analyze this, if someone that you don’t know posts something in your wall you can get a little suspicious, and be more careful before clicking the link ( have you noticed there is always a link to click? if people had real information and where sharing on good will, they could just leave it in your wall).

But when it is someone that is your friend to leave a message in your wall, you are more willing to follow “your friends advice”, this is what spammers rely on.

All this posts, demand that you follow some steps, usually you have to copy and Spam a certain number of your friends walls, to get access to some link (that usually is time triggered and has nothing to do with performing steps, if you do nothing after some time the link will be available anyway), usually that link takes you to another site where you have “offers” to complete…. and in the end of performing those offers (the objective is to gather information about you for advertising or worst) you get NOTHING!!!

At the end all you have done, was spend time spamming your friends, becoming unreliable for them in many cases, and spend time giving information to advertising companies.

And this is one of the most harmless examples.

Many of this scams will try to collect your phone number, wired or more frequently mobile, by doing this you might be subscribing for extra charge mobile services, or worst.

There is also the big chance to get viruses or Trojans horses, that will stay resident your computer, sending important information to hackers, even bank  account information.

There are some important rules ou should follow in order to prevent this scams from harming you or your friends.

1 – There are NO FREE CREDITS, Facebook Credits is the way Facebook monetizes their investment, and game developers to, usually you have inside games a link for a secure payment page, or you can be awarded Facebook Credits by some of your action inside games, by playing regularly, or achieving some level in the game, but ALWAYS INSIDE THE GAMES, you don’t have to leave the game or Facebook.

Note: Always pay attention to the address bar in our browser, some sites may copy Facebook interface, but can’t copy the adress.

Facebook has 2 starting addresses:

www.facebook.com or apps.facebook.com

If you don’t see this starting addresses then something is probably wrong.

2 – Don’t follow links out of Facebook, when you write in your search box fo free credits you get lots of results, when you click they will take you directly to a page outside Facebook, close it immediately!

3 – Remove this posts from your wall immediately, and report to Facebook.

There are so much scams like this that maybe you didn’t imagine, that is why some people still fall for it.

3 – Remember that spamming or entering or participating in this schemes is ILLEGAL and can result in criminal or Law processes, or can result on loosing you Facebook account.

If you really like Facebook and its games, do you want to risk loosing all your games progress and hard work for being duped?

Finally, I would ask all our users to participate in this guide, giving your opinion and reporting here such schemes.

Play games but play safe!

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