Faction Racing

  • Genre: Racing Simulation
  • Developer: ASAP Games, LLC
  • Monthly Users: 000
  • GD Star Rating

Faction Racing is a street racing simulation Facebook game, where you own a garage, and belong to a faction, you start with one car, and you have to race against other players, winning money and experience to level up, or loosing…

You and your friends are about to become rebellious street racers in Faction Racing. Your crew will collect cars, upgrade them for better performance and race players from all over the world. Race, rally and perform jobs to earn cash, experience points and prizes like exclusive cars and favor points.

• Experience customized, unique race courses and tracks that only Faction Racing can deliver. Drive the streets of LA, Tokyo parking garages, the Florida coasts and more as you and your crew gain experience and build your earnings.

• What’s your driving preference? Import or muscle? Choose your ride from sleek and styled import to heavy metal muscle. Car attributes help define your racing style so why not try a few?

• The more friends you have the better you’ll play. Big garage crews deliver big benefits so get your friends on board!

Faction Racing is a very complete game, features lots of options and great a photographic environment, with all the cars in the game represented by actual photos, all the game is also represented by real world graphics.

You can upgrade you car parts, to improve the performance in races, the game also features great tuning option, where you can fully customize your cars.

Inviting friends will give you a bigger crew, which is important for many points in the game, you can also collect different cars, enter special races with unique prizes.

The only drawback in the game is its reload time, each time you perform an action the page reloads, which can be pretty annoying. Also don’t expect to actually drive the cars, it is all done in a Mafia Wars style, where you have to press the Race button and wait for the result, which is very detailed by the way.

Faction Racing is a pretty nice and complete game, with a long life span and very nice option for car and tuning fans.

Tips and Tricks

Faction Racing How to Play Tutorial

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