Fairy Farm

  • Genre: Farming
  • Developer: Plinga
  • GD Star Rating

Fairy Farm is a new farming game on Facebook  set in a magical world, with beautiful graphics and gorgeous animations, where you can grow magic plants and trees, summon mythical animals, brew potions, install special equipment to carry out alchemical experiments, and decorate your farm with various enchanted decorations.

Play with friends and strive to make your farm the most beautiful and homey. Receive gifts for dozens of achievements and compete with other magicians.


  • A whole zoo of magic animals: talking Peacocks and Dragons, Unicorns and Fluffies. Give them shelter on your Farm!
  • Fairy-tale plants and trees: collect enchanted ingredients and use them in alchemical experiments
  • Brew potions, mix miraculous Elixirs and learn spells of magic power
  • Use sorcerous devices and decorations to make your farm both charmed and charming
  • Prepare yourself for exciting adventures – dozens of quests with fabulous prizes await you


Fairy Farm, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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