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Fairy Village is a city building Facebook game set in a fantasy land with fairies and mushroom houses.

In Fairy Village you create a fairy tale village in an enchanted forest. Decorate your own village by building a wide variety of buildings and decorations then collect fairy dust from buildings and  gain experience to unlock higher level items and upgrade existing buildings for different looks.

The graphics are standard but with very cute animations and general look, the game already uses the new wide screen format for games on Facebook as well as full screen mode, music and sound effects are also good.

The game features achievements and several cute mini-games that can be played by unlocking special buildings and that you may use to get more Fairy dust.

Tips and Tricks

 This is the actual Help and FAQ that can be accessed from the game page, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked question and doubts about the game, it also has some tips on how to play Fairy Village on Facebook.

Fairy Dust and Gems

Fairy dust and gems are the main currencies used in Fairy Village.

All buildings generate fairy dust over time. Each building can store a different amount of fairy dust. You can mouse over a building to see its fairy dust counter. Once the storage is full, the building will stop generating fairy dust and a fairy dust bag will appear on top of it. Click on the fairy dust bag to collect the fairy dust and some experience. The counter will then restart and the building will start generating fairy dust again.


Also refered to as XP, this is used for leveling up and is gained by building things, upgrading homes, and collecting dust. The amount of experience needed to level up is shown when you mouse over the experience bar.

Fairy Population

The right number shows the total number of fairies you have in your village. The left number shows the number available for work. Build homes to increase this number. Workplaces on the other hand reduces it.


You can gain experience points by building homes, workplaces, roads and decorations. All homes can be upgraded 3 times but workplaces cannot be upgraded. All buildings require different amounts of time to upgrade and will not earn fairy dust while upgrading.

  • Homes: Generates population for your fairy village.
  • Workplaces: Requires a certain amount of fairies before they can be built. Tend to generate more dust than Homes.

Expanding Your Village

You are able to expand city limits up to 37×37 through the shop’s land tab.

Daily Rewards

You have a chance to get extra fairy dust, items or even gems from Fairy Village every day. Be sure to come back daily to check out the daily rewards. You will get extra bonuses for every consecutive day you log-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I can only send out 16 friend requests, or gifts?

Facebook limits the amount of requests/invites a user is allowed to send out per day. This number is different depending on the app. Fairy Village players are currently restricted to sending out 16 requests a day. This may change in the future but is outside of our control.

What do the numbers next to the fairy icon stand for?

That is your fairy count. If your fairy count is showing 13/20, it means you have 20 fairies in total and 13 of them are available for work. Each workplace requires a different number of fairies, and if you build one, the number will be deducted from your pool of available fairies.

Why can’t I build a workplace even though I have enough fairy dust and have it unlocked?

You need a certain amount of population in order to build each workplace. Mouse-over a workplace in the shop to see how many available fairies you need.

How can I earn more gems?

Currently, the only way to earn gems is by completing gold level achievements but we have plans to add in a lot more ways soon!

How can I earn more fairy dust?

The most straight forward way is by collecting fairy dust from homes and workplaces. You can also earn fairy dust by visiting your neighbors and completing achievements.

How do I increase my village population?

Building home and upgrading them both help increase the population of your village.

What do the numbers on a building mean?

Each building generates dust over time. The number on the left shows how much dust has been generated so far. The right one shows how much dust needs to be generated before the dust can be collected. Once the left number is equal to the right one, a fairy dust bag will show up on top of the building and is ready for collection. Click on the bag or the building to collect the bag and earn all the dust collected.

How do I delete buildings and roads that have no value?

Deleting and selling works in the same way. Click on the object you want to delete and a menu with several options will appear. Click the “Sell” button and a pop up message will ask you to confirm the sale. Click “Sell” button to sell the item. Some items have no value to them and will just be deleted.

How do I store things to my storage box?

Click on the object that you want to store and a menu with several options will appear. Click the “Stash” button and your item will be stored in the storage box.

How come some buildings are stuck as a blue sphere?

Each building has a build time. Some buildings build faster than others. If you see a blue sphere, it means the building is still under construction. You can mouse over the sphere to see how much time is left.

What is XP?

XP stands for Experience and is used for leveling up. You can hover over your experience bar to see how much more experience you need to level up.

How do I change the name of my village?

Click on your village name and type away.

How can I get more space to build?

Go visit the shop and click on the “Land” tab. Each land expansion requires a certain number of neighbors. Once you meet the minimum requirement of neighbors, you can purchase the expansion with either fairy dust or gems. Land expansions work in increments.

Why is the number of walking fairies in my village not the same as that shown by my population count?

The number of walking fairies is determined randomly and not tied to your population.

I have accepted gifts from friends. Where can I find them?

Once you have accepted a gift from your friend, you will be able to find it in your storage box.

How come a neighbor has access to buildings I don’t even though I am higher level than them?

Each basic house has 2 additional upgrades. Each upgraded version looks different from the previous one. Try upgrading some of them for more variety!

What are achievements and what do I get for completing them?

You can access the achievements list by clicking the trophy on the bottom right corner of the game. Every level of achievement gives you a different prize when completed. You can earn fairy dust, experiences (XP), gems or even items by completing achievements. Click on an achievement to see what rewards it offers.

I bought a land expansion but my village didn’t grow!

There is a chance you might have missed it. Each land expansion increases your village size by 1 grid unit as shown by the image below.

If I have other questions or found a bug, how can I contact the developers?

You can contact the developers through email (contact@fairyvillagegame.com), post to the game Facebook discussion board, or send a personal Facebook message directly to one of them.

You have any questions? Just leave it in comments, someone will know the answer!

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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