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Fame Town is closed, it has been replaced by The A-List.


In FameTown you play the role of an actor trying to climb the celebrity social ladder. To do this you need to win over fans by releasing movies and going to social events. Gain enough fans and you’ll climb the celebrity social ladder from D-List, to C-List, to B-List and if you can manage to make it all the way to the top… the A-List.

Make sure to bring your friends to Fame Town, they help your movies get a better rating from the critics and can save your butt if the studio shelves your movie. Plus you can sell them out to the paparazzi and make tabloid stories about them you can share!

Fame Town is a Facebook game that gives us the chance to be something that most likely we’ll never be: movie stars with tons of fans, humongous homes and millions of dollars in our pockets.

Fame Town gameplay is pretty entertaining and challenging enough to keep you playing. You start as a D-List celebrity, a wannabe movie star and you must work your way all the way up to the A-List. To do this you’ll have to take classes to improve your skills, by playing in sitcoms and other low budget movies and slowly making a name for yourself.

Fame Town is an RPG with a small time element involved,the gameplay is mostly based on making movies and TV Shows: while the TV shows keep you going and offer you a steady but rather small steam of income, it’s the movies who really help you score the big bucks and gets lots of fans.

To make movies you need the required skills, cash, and level to complete the picture. Skills such as accents, stunt training, and firearms training can be bought in the game store and used to help you complete movies. Movie props can also be bought in the store.

Tips and Tricks

FAQ/Basic Guide

Making Movies

Within every level, you have a choice of movies to star in from different genres. Every movie has requirements you must meet before you can star in it. Producing the movie takes time and you will be unable to work on another movie until production is complete and you help the studio release the movie.

When your movie is released, it gets a rating of 1-4 Stars from the critics. The higher your rating, the more XP, fans, and cash you’ll receive. To get a 4-Star rating, the following things need to happen:

– Train in the bonus acting skill used in the movie

– Get friends to visit you and give you some buzz

– Release your movie as soon as production is complete

If you wait too long to help the studio release your movie, all the buzz will be gone and it will get shelved. To fix a shelved movie, you need to get buzz from friends or call in favors to the studio.

If no friends help and you don’t call in favors, you’ll have to scrap the movie and you’ll lose time, money, and fans. This is a huge FameTown bummer.

**Be on the lookout for hyped movies. These movies are highly anticipated by the public and give greater rewards when released. Hyped movies require special props only found by doing events or purchased with favors.

FameTown TV

The FameTown TV studio is the newest way to earn fans, XP, influence, and inventory items for the new character profile. Use the three Acting Ability stats (Body, Mind, and Spirit) to maximize the rewards you can get from completing TV shows. Modify the stats by equipping your character with the best gear. Select from one of the genres — Reality TV, Soaps, Sitcoms, and PrimeTime, and see how well you do as a FameTown TV star. Keep an eye out for Special TV Engagements, in which you can star alongside some of your favorite real-life actors and actresses!

Inventory, Gear and Mind/Body/Spirit Stats

Clicking on the “My Stuff” icon will reveal your Character Profile screen. This is where you will find all the fun and vital stats about your character in FameTown. Your staff, vehicle, housing and complete movie history will be displayed here, along with all the items in your inventory. Make sure to equip your character with the best items for each slot or category. Keep track of your stats by referring to the Character Traits totals on the bottom-right of your profile.

Going to Events

Being a celebrity is all about keeping your face in front of the cameras. When you aren’t working on a movie you should be going out to events to get more XP, cash, and fans.

There are five different areas of events you can explore by clicking the different blocks on the FameTown event map:




-Bars and Clubs


Within each block, there are many venues for you to visit. Each venue has a number of tasks you can do that cost various amounts of energy.

FameTown Slot Machine

After you finish a task, you’ll get a free spin of the FameTown slot machine to see how your celebrity status pays off.
If you don’t like the outcome of your spin, you can try again. If you want to hold on to one or more of your rewards you can hit the hold button before you re-spin to keep that reward.

– First re-spin costs 3 energy

– Each additional re-spin costs 1 energy

– Holding a reward costs 1 energy

The higher the level and list requirement of the venue and the amount of energy you’re willing to spend determines the range of XP, cash, and fans you can win. Like most things in FameTown, more is more.


Energy is consumed while attending social events and spinning the slot machine. Your spent energy replenishes over time and may also be won as a bonus from the slot machine and when visiting friends. You can always use favors to purchase items in the store that refill your energy. Purchase the best Transportation and Housing you can afford to make sure you have the maximum available energy for your level.


Favors are FameTown’s most valuable currency and can be used to purchase special items, props for hyped movies, or traded in for energy and cash. One Favor is awarded for every two levels you advance in the game. When you move up in status from D-List, to C-List, to B-List, to A-List, you are awarded 5, 10, and 25 Favors, respectively.

You can win Favors as a rare bonus in the slot machine. You can also get Favors by clicking the “Get Favors” tab and purchasing them with cash or completing a partner offer.


You get influence points from almost everything you do in FameTown: making movies, doing events, etc. Visiting friends and giving them influence also awards influence for you. For every 100 influence points you collect, you earn one Favor!

Staff, Housing, and Transportation

To become an A-List celebrity, you need the right support staff to help manage your career and public image. Your staff consists of an agent, publicist, assistant, and stylist.

As a celebrity, your house and car are a major part of your public persona and lifestyle. The quality of your house and car determines the amount of energy you have to spend on social events.

– Agents: Increase your cash gained

– Publicists: Increase your fans gained

– Stylists: Increase your XP gained

– Assistants: Reduce the production time of your movies

– Housing: Increases your maximum energy

– Transportation: Increases your maximum energy

You have a base energy maximum for each level. Purchasing a house or vehicle will increase that base amount and give you the ability to perform more events.

**It is important to note that energy gained by upgrading your house or car is incremental, not cumulative. Also, purchasing a new house or car replaces the one you had before.

Make sure to check the store at every level to see if you qualify to upgrade your staff, housing, and transportation with better options.

Neighbors, Buzz, Paparazzi and Influence

In “the biz” you need friends to help spread buzz about your movies and accompany you to social events. Click an empty slot in the friend bar at the bottom of the game to invite your friends to be your neighbors in FameTown. Once a day, you can earn a little XP and cash by visiting a friend and creating buzz that helps their movies and selling them out to the Paparazzi. Sometimes the paparazzi will even publish a tabloid story you can share to your Facebook wall. You can also gain influence points by visiting your friends. Give them influence often so they return the favor!

Also check often the forrum: forums: www.fametownsupport.com

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