Family Feud

  • Genre: Word & Trivia
  • Developer: iWin, Inc.
  • GD Star Rating

It is time to play the Family Feud™! Based on the fast-paced TV game show, try to guess what 100 people said when they answered our survey questions.
Beat the average score then have a friend help you with Fast Money to earn mega-points or super prizes.

Hours of fun with over 11,000 unique questions that are regularly updated. Survey says: Let’s play Family Feud™!

Family Feud is a Word Trivia game from iWin for Facebook, which is based in the famous Tv Show. This Facebook adaptation of the show is just great, and fans will like it right away, as for new player the game is very polished and attractive.

In Family Feud you go through a series of were you will have to guess the answer to specific questions.

As you play you’ll earn “Feud Points” which can be spent on an variety of prizes. Each prize is part of a collection, and each collection is part of a stage. Get every prize in every collection, and you’ll unlock a new stage with new prizes and collections.

Family Feud is a great adaptation of the tv show that fans will enjoy and the social elements is a perfect fit for the Facebook platform.

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