Fantasy Kingdoms

  • Genre: Farming
  • Developer: Sneaky Games
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In Fantasy Kingdoms you are a powerful magic user in the lands of Isdyle! You can cast spells, Enchant your lands, Conjure magical Crops, and Gather Mana to buy beautiful items for your magical Kingdom!

Fantasy Kingdoms could just be called Fantasy Farmville, so much are the similarities between the two games in terms of the game routine. Fortunately the similarities end there, farming games use pretty much the same routines, you have to prepare the land, plant and grow stuff, additionally you can decorate it, plant trees and grow animals. Let’s face it, it is a little difficult to develop a farming game without using the routines that brought such success the genre.


On to the game, Fantasy Kingdoms is a very well presented game with a very original approach to the farming theme, you are a powerful magic user with the mission to protect the lands of Isdyle, using your magical powers you have to infuse the land (prepare it), and plant magic crops, you can also plant all sorts of magical trees, magical creatures, castles, etc…

The great thing about this game is its graphical originality and beauty, a great job has been done in the construction of every bit of the game, all the ambiance from the cute little animals, to the soundtrack plays together to recreate an astonishing game environment.

You can also collect charms (achievements), visit your friends and send gifts, additionally you have the special Kingdom of Harmony (your hostess in the game), where you can visit the Wishing well to collect daily rewards, also in a daily basis you can visit the Fortune Teller for a random gift.

Additionally the game features spell crafting, where you have to collect a number of items in order to produce special items…

Expanding your kingdom is also, obviously, present, and on later levels, you can even have more than one Kingdom, it is always nice to be able to produce distinct or thematic kingdoms, each with its one stuff. New collection and themed packs of items are also present, with regular updates and seasonal quests.

Although being a little to similar to other farming games, the visual experience of Fantasy Kingdoms itself is worth taking a look, as for the gameplay requisites and routines, the developers managed to gather the best ones, providing a very nice and enjoyable game experience, if your are tired of Farmville looking too much the same, but like playing farming games, you should really try this one for change!

Tips and Tricks

How to Play Guide from the Game Help

My Avatar (Are you a Witch or a Wizard?)

As a Witch or Wizard, you can magically alter your appearance by clicking on your avatar. This will display the avatar customization screen, where you can modify various avatar features as you did at the beginning of the game

Levels and Experience

Actions like Infusing, Conjuring Crops, Enchanting Neighbors’ Kingdoms and buying items for your Kingdom (Creatures, Artifacts, Buildings, Trees) award Experience Points. As you collect more Experience Points, your avatar’s level will rise and you will be able to access more items, features, and crafting items.


Click the branch icon to select the “Magic Wand”. Now you can click on the ground to magically Infuse it. Each square you Infuse costs a small amount of Mana and gives your avatar experience. Infused squares are where you plant magical Crops.

Conjure Crops

Click an Infused (prepared) square and buy a magical potion in the market to conjure a magical Crop. The magical Crop will grow over time, and when it reaches 100% you can Gather it for Mana. Plan ahead by conjuring magical Plants that will become ready to Gather by the next time you visit your Kingdom.


Magical Crops can take a few hours to several days to grow. Click on a fully-grown magical Crop to Gather Mana. Gathered magical Crops can either be re-Infused with the Magic Wand or removed with the Whirlwind tool. If fully-grown magical Crops are left alone too long, they will become Bewitched.

Bewitched Magical Crops

If a magical Crop is left fully-grown for too long, it will become Bewitched. Bewitched magical Crops cannot be Gathered for Mana, and must be removed with the Whirlwind tool or re-Infused with the Magic Wand. You can also use Minor Unbewitch Elixirs to return a Bewitched magical Crop to its fully-grown state!

Enchanting Neighbors’ Magical Crops

When you visit a Neighbor’s Kingdom by clicking on their picture at the bottom of the screen, you will be given the opportunity to Enchant five of their magical Crops. An Enchanted magical Crop will grow to 133%! Complete this task to help you and your Neighbor gain Experience.

Neighbor Quests

Neighbors’ Kingdoms can be overrun by Angry Winds, Diabolical Ogres, Monstrous Toads, or Serpent Vines! Assist your Neighbors by accepting the quest when it is presented and cleaning up the mess left by these disasters.


Each Tool has a special purpose and can be activated by clicking on its respective icon. These icons can be found on the bottom-right of your Play screen.


Click the purple-arrow icon to select the “Multi-Tool”. This tool can be used in many different ways. Click Infused, Gathered, or Bewitched land to buy a Potion and Conjure a magical Crop. Click on trees, decorations, and buildings to open options to Move, Activate or Sell an item.

Magic Wand

Click the magic-branch icon to select the “Magic Wand”. With this tool, click an open tile to Infuse the Land so that it can be Conjured. Click Bewitched or Gathered Plants to Re-Infuse them. Infusing and Re-Infusing cost 15 Mana.

Whirlwind Tool

Click the whirlwind icon to select the “Whirlwind Tool”. With this tool, click an object on your Kingdom to Sell/Delete it for Mana. Different objects sell for different amounts of Mana.


Click the purple portal icon in the bottom right of your Play screen to open the Market menu. From here you can purchase a variety of items:



Potions are used to Conjure Plants and Flowers for your Fantasy Kingdom which will generate more Mana. The higher the level needed to purchase a potion, the more Mana is generated by that Plant or Flower.


Elixirs are special items used to affect magical Crops! Use a Minor Freeze Elixir on any Plant or Flower in your Kingdom to Freeze it in its current state and prevent it from Bewitching. Use a Minor Growth Elixir on a partially-grown Plant or Flower to make it ready for Gathering. Use a Minor Unbewitch Elixir on a Bewitched Plant or Flower to restore it to a fully-grown state.


Artifacts are powerful objects that yield high Mana and never Bewitch! When you place an Artifact it begins its empowerment cycle. Once fully-empowered, you can Gather its Mana and click it to start the cycle all over!


Trees take several days to generate Mana, but they can never Bewitch. This means that they can stay fully-grown and ready to Gather forever! After a Tree’s Mana is Gathered, it automatically restarts its magical growth cycle.


Creature spells are used to summon magical Creatures to your Kingdom. Some Creatures are not found in the Market and can only be given as Gifts, or created through spell-crafting.


Buildings enhance the endless beauty of your Kingdom, and reward experience when bought and placed. Collect Castle pieces and assemble them however you like to create your unique Fantasy Kingdom Castle! You can also receive collectible Castle pieces through Gifting or created through spell-crafting.


Decorations are items like buildings, statues, paths, fences, lights and crystal balls that you can use to make your Kingdom beautiful! Is your Kingdom the prettiest in the land?


Upgrades are used to give you that extra boost forward in building your perfect Fantasy Kingdom. Expand your Kingdom with additional land for more space! Buy reagents for spell-crafting or even a Second Kingdom!


Charms (Achievements)

Charms are special awards given for completing achievements. Each achievement type comes with four different Charms – Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each time you get a Charm, you can also be rewarded with Experience, Mana, and even an item!


The “Storage and Gifts” box is used to hold items that aren’t on your Kingdom. These items can be Gifts given to you by your Neighbors, Elixirs bought from the Market, or items from your Kingdom that you want to put aside for Storage!


You can receive Gifts from your friends as well as send them Gifts. Usually Gifts are Trees, Decorations, or Creatures. Send your friends gifts often, and they’ll be sure to return the favor!


By using the Invite page you can invite friends to be your Neighbors. Your friend must accept the invitation on their Facebook game-requests page.

All of your friends that play Fantasy Kingdoms are shown as Neighbors at the bottom of the Play screen. Click on a Neighbor’s icon to Visit or Give Gifts to that player. When you visit Neighbors you haven’t helped that day, you will get an offer to Assist them by clearing their Kingdom or Enchanting their magic Crops.

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