Farkle Pro

  • Genre: Board games
  • Developer: playtika
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Farkle Pro is one of many Facebook apps that lets you play the slightly obscure dice game Farkle online. Playtika’s iteration is easy-to-use, runs well, and features robust matchmaking. It also explains the rules, which may be unfamiliar to many players. Farkle is somewhat similar to the classic Hasbro dice game Yahtzee, but the rules are a bit simpler and there’s a big emphasis on betting.

Farkle Pro is a nice entertaining game from playtika that you can play on Facebook, it uses poker chips for betting, you begin with some bonus chips and can earn more by playing the training mode and trying to top your solitaire Farkle high score. Or you can just buy them with Facebook Credits.

Farkle Pro is played with six dice and a cup. After rolling, you take whichever dice give you the best points and roll the rest to see if you get more points. You can choose to end your round any time when you have enough scoring dice to get over 300 points for the round. If you roll dice and get no points from the roll, you Farkle. This makes the round end immediately and you get no points. If you Farkle three times in a row, you lose points.

Farkle Pro downside is the monetization balance. As a free player, you can only play multiplayer Farkle once every four hours.

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