Farm Town

  • Genre: Farming
  • Developer: SlashKey
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Farm Town is a farming game simulation developed by SlashKey where you can design, grow and maintain your farm and even send gifts to your friends.

Facebook is full of farming games, each time we review on there is a tendency to become more demanding, and to compare with other competitors, it is good on one hand, as we are more aware of the games characteristic but we also tend to see their downside and to compare against other games.

On farming games, Farmville is the reference to compare to, but many games have managed to add something to differentiate from the rest.

Farm Town is one of those games, adding some very nice tweaks to multiplayer gameplay such as the market for selling and buying products or to hire farm hands, it also rewards player by using this options.

You start the game by choosing your avatar, with all the standard option available. From gender to hair color and eyes, and name.

In the farm you have to plow and plant several types of seeds, trees and animal to raise, there are lots of options to choose from, that become available as you level up.

Then you have to sell or trade what you produce, for that you can go to the marketplace, where you can do your business with other players, you can actually see the other players avatars and it is just a matter of walking to them, you can sell or buy products or hire farm hands to work in your farm, the game emphasis on users interaction, by giving bonus to player who work together, for example if you hire a friend to plow your fields it will become cheaper than doing it yourself.

The Marketplace


Graphically, Farm Town has standard graphics similar to other games like FarmVille.

Overall this is a nice option for players that like to interact with others in real time, and not just through gifting and wall posts. If you like this type of real time interaction, and selling and buying operations this is a nice option for farming games.

Tips and Tricks

How do I earn coins quicker?

When your crops are ready, make sure you hire someone to collect them, you’ll earn more by hiring someone else to harvest for you.

When you can, hire someone else to plow your fields: instead of costing you 20 coins a field, it will only cost you 15 coins to hire someone else. Also, if you hire a neighbour it will only cost you 10 coins!

The first time, reinvest all your money in seeds. Depending on what you’re able to do, plant raspberries grapes or potatoes for a quick turnover of profit.

Always remember, seed your fields before shopping in the store. This will prevent you from spending money in the store and not being able to plant all of your fields. By planting fields you make a regular income!

Also Check the Official Game Forum with all you need to know basics

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