• Genre: Farming
  • Developer: Plarium
  • Monthly Users: 100000
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In new game Farmandia you can plow, plant and harvest crops and process them into consumer products to earn money to further expand and improve your farm. You can also harvest trees and collect from animals.

There are some games that can really be a surprise, Farmandia is for sure one of them. Here I was thinking, “just another farming game”, when I first checked into the the game Fun page, “nice presentation graphics, well let me get this over with… let’s see how it goes, it’s for sure just another farming with great graphics”, or so I thought…

No one can take FarmVille its credit for the game genre, it is still the most famous farming game in the world, it is although nice to see someone use that concept and improve it to provide users with a better gaming experience. Farmandia does just that!

All the farming options are there, but with such a detail on animations, and such amazing artwork that it compels you to stare at everything, fortunately you can take photos 🙂

You can manage two farms, place beautiful ponds, have beautiful animated animals like ducks wondering around them.

Constructions require your friends to pass by and click on them, each friend can click once a day to help, you can advertise your construction or ask for help directly. There is such a huge amount of building, animals, plants, seeds and trees, and all so beautiful to watch…

Further you can browse and preview each items, as they will look in the several stages of growth in you farm, just nice!

You can change landscape and weather, just choose snow and watch it fall… beautiful…

As usual you can send and receive gifts from your friends, there are also achievements to conquer, and crafts (collections) to finish and receive the appropriate rewards.

In Farmandia you can  actually built beautiful landscape scenarios and at the same time, play on them, it feels really nice to play. It does not end here, when you reach level 25 you can have your own aquarium, place and breed, again, beautiful animated a detailed fish.

Farmandia was really a surprise for me, an astonishing surprise, if you are a farming fan, let yourself be surprised too!

Tips and Tricks

Farmandia Video Tutorials

Basic Tutorial

Simple video tutorial for our amazing 3D farm game Farmandia. Here you can learn basic game play moves: how to plow, seed, harvest, sell and process crops etc. Enjoy our colorful, beautiful land of farms – Farmandia!

Sheds Tutorial

A little tutorial movie for Farmandia’s sheds. Learn how to use sheds for your animals and save time and place! And don’t forget! Sheds are beautiful!

Crafts Tutorial

Tutorial movie about completing crafts in Farmandia. Crafts are real and steady way to earn more diamonds for your farms! Learn how to complete crafts!

Fish Ponds

Time to raise fish on your farms! Click on new icon of Bathyscaphe opens an underwater world of your fish ponds. Now you can raise fishes and other water creatures. Next click on Bathyscaphe will return you back to your farmland.


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