Farmville Lighthouse Cove Guide

Farmville just got another expansion, and it now features 3 farms, this new one Lighthouse Cove, follows Zynga’s latest trends by adding a more story like approach and a better sense of involvement from the players. It follows a storyline and introduces new characters, and a different pace to the gameplay. Progress will now be stepped, by introducing weekly chapters and quests, giving more time to players to savor the game.

Your adventure into Lighthouse Cove starts with an invitation from Brenda to visit her in the cove, but as you get there you realize this is not a simple holiday visit, as the Cove has been seriously damaged by the bad weather, and you as a good citizen and helpful minded Facebook player, are there to help reconstruct the Cove and do some farming in between reparations.

New Costal themed buildings like the Cove B&B or other less creative like the Coastal Barn or Coastal Tool Shed are just some of the many new items available, also with new animals and crops.

There is even a new restaurant feature, that will allow you to use all the collected resources to prepare delicious typical meals. Chef Roland is the second main character of Lighthouse Cove, and together with Brenda will guide you through the game.

The other great game feature is the possibility to actually use the cove water zone actively, by gathering seafood, algae and all the sort of sea based items.

How to improve the Cove

Your long term objective is to restore the cove to its former glory, and this is done one level at a time, by gathering the necessary resources to complete each level and progress to the next.

We’ll update this guide with news, information as the game progresses, feel free to participate, by sharing your own experience!

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