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Farmville is the most famous Facebook game and the first game that joined millions of players in s Social game.

FarmVille lets players cultivate their farms by plowing, planting and harvesting crops and trees. Players also care for their farm animals: milking their cows and collecting eggs from their chickens.

FarmVille was the top game by daily active users on Facebook between August 2009 and December 2010, when CityVille claimed the top spot.

Zynga continues to enhance the social aspects of the game, including in-game gifting to friends, cooperative crafting jobs and trading goods in the farmer’s market. In March 2011, they released FarmVille English Countryside, which provides players the opportunity to create a second farm styled after an English country farm.
In May 2010, they partnered with 7-Eleven to offer FarmVille-branded game cards and items on many of the convenience retailer’s products, including Slurpee and Big Gulp drinks in nearly 7,000 stores. Zynga partnered with Lady Gaga in May 2011 by creating GagaVille — a Lady Gaga-inspired farm where players could visit and listen to songs from her album Born This Way.

Tips and Tricks

FarmVille Guide

In this FarmVille guide, we’ll not only cover the basics like how to play FarmVille but we’ll also discuss winning FarmVille strategies, how to get lots of coins, and great FarmVille tips to help you succeed in the game. We’ll continue to update this FarmVille guide as new FarmVille game features evolve and are released by Zynga. If you have any helpful tips, or strategies that are missing, let us know and we’ll update the guide to include them as well.


FarmVille Beginners

Customizing your FarmVille character – Upon starting FarmVille you’ll be presented with the opportunity to change the appearance of your FarmVille avatar. You can select different colors for his/her skin, hair, eyes, clothes, etc.

Moving your FarmVille character – You can make your character walk by clicking the arrow button and then clicking on the location on the screen where you want them to go.

Customizing your farm – In the beginning you’re given a very bland plot of FarmVille land. You can easily customize the look and feel of your farm by simply rearranging items.


How To Play FarmVille

Plowing fields in FarmVille – When you first begin, you’ll need to plow your fields before you can plant crops. To do this, just select the hoe at the bottom of the screen. Then simply click on the field you’d like to plow. Once you’ve plowed all your fields you’re ready to plant crops.

Planting crops in Farmville – Go to the Market and click on the Seeds icon to select the type of seed you want to use. After choosing your seeds, plant them by clicking on one of your fields.

Harvesting crops in FarmVille – Once your crops are fully grown, you’ll need to harvest them. You can do this by selecting the harvesting tool and clicking on a field. Soon after harvesting your FarmVille crop you’ll receive some coins for your hard work.

Planting and harvesting other crops is very much the same but the time to harvest and profits vary according to the seed you choose. The higher the level required to buy a particular kind of seed, the more potential profit. An important thing to know is when to harvest your crops, especially if you’re growing different kinds. Make sure you harvest only when the crop reaches “full growth”; otherwise, you’ll receive a lot less coins.

Working the livestock – FarmVille is home to pigs, rabbits, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, and other livestock. FarmVille animals are much like the crops you harvest in that you’ll need to put in the work to raise them before they can produce goods (i.e. eggs, etc.). The costs associated with each type of livestock and the profits vary between animals. Once you’re reared your livestock you’ll be rewarded with some coins or FV notes for your hard work just like you’ll recieve after harvesting crops.

After you’ve earned some money from your farm you can go back to the Market and buy more seeds, equipment (i.e. vehicles), land, animals, trees, buildings, decorations, etc. to expand your farming operation.

Experience begets leveling – Experience points are awarded for doing such things as planting, plowing, helping FarmVille neighbors, and buying things. As you accumulate more experience points you’ll reach new levels in the game.

Getting ribbons – As you play FarmVille you’ll be awarded with ribbons for certain accomplishments. These ribbons can be published to your Facebook profile’s wall for your friends to see. We advise you to do this for only really big accomplishments however, as many Facebook friends and FarmVille neighbors find this to be very annoying.

Importance of neighbors – If you go to the “My Neighbors” page you’ll be able to see all your FarmVille neighbors. From there you’ll be able to invite and accept in invitations. Neighbors are important to have because they limit the amount of property you can buy. Thus it is important to keep inviting more friends to be able to increase the size of your farm and therefore make more FarmVille money.

Gifting to neighbors – You can send and receive gifts from your FarmVille friends which are usually in the form of animals or trees. Giving gifts to your FarmVille neighbors often is a great way to receive gifts as most players return the favor. Many times these gifts will be something you need and perhaps something you can’t afford to buy at the time!

Helping your neighbors – It’s important to visit and help your FarmVille neighbors from time to time as it encourages them to do the same. An added benefit is that you’ll earn experience points and FarmVille money.


FarmVille Strategy

FarmVille iconSelect crops with big profits – Consider cost of the seeds versus the money you will earn from harvesting the crop. You can easily compare the profitability of crops by subtracting the cost of the seeds from the money you make from the harvest and dividing that value by the cost of the seed. This is also known as your return on investment or ROI. The greater the value, the better the return on your investment. Another factor to consider is the time it takes reach full growth for each crop. If you want to compare profitability of crops with different growth rates, you should take your ROI and divide it by the time to reach harvest. Of course if you want to get really specific and compare apples to apples, you’re going to need to take into account the yield you can get from a single area of farmland. For instance, the number or strawberries you may get from a single acre may not match that of oranges. Finally, you can also normalize this to consider the length of time that’s required before you can harvest a crop.

FarmVille iconPlan crops around your schedule – Because different crops grow at different rates, you should choose seeds according to how much time you have to play. If you have a lot of time to play during the day, you can plant crops that take less time to reach full growth. If you have very little time to play during the day then you should choose grow crops that take a full day to reach full growth as you’ll have less time to check on them and more time to harvest them.

FarmVille iconBuyer beware – Before you buy items, consider their resale value too. The resale value for some FarmVille items and equipment is poor compared to others. This may not be a such a big deal depending on how much money you have but it will likely be important in the beginning when cash it tight.

FarmVille iconPlay the daily raffle – This offers you a chance at winning between 10 and 100 coins a day but it’s completely random. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth your time or not.

FarmVille iconBuy some trees and animals – These are a good investments in that you don’t have to replenish them like crops (i.e. buying seed and replanting). Trees and animals are long lasting and you can harvest them over and over again (i.e. chicken eggs).

FarmVille iconUse a faster browser – Internet Explorer is commonly used to play FarmVille but it’s usually pretty slow to load pages. We suggest you use a much faster browser like Opera or Google Chrome.

FarmVille iconBe generous – As pointed out previously, it is very important to help your neighbors and send gifts often as it benefits you both. That is, you earn experience points by helping them and gifting encourages them to reciprocate the act of helping and gifting to you!

FarmVille iconBefriend properly – When you request Facebook users to join you on FarmVille make sure you include the message “FarmVille” or “FarmVille add” so they know what the request if for. This is especially important if you don’t know the person in question.

FarmVille iconBecome a fan of FarmVille – Getting “pimped” by fan pages and groups on Facebook can help you quickly add many members to your FarmVille neighborhood. Increasing the number of FarmVille neighbors you have is the most important key to succeeding in the game. Adding more neighbors allows you to increase your farm by unlocking farm plots, gaining ribbons, earning experience points, and getting more FarmVille cash.


Farmville Tips and Strategies

FarmVille Tips and Tricks

Master Farmville Tips and Tricks

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