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Why just wear fashion when you can be a fashion designer? Create designs, try them on, and share them in Fashion Designer.

Fashion Designer is a Facebook game for girls mainly, eve you ever dreamed to design clothes? Give wings to your imagination, design and create beautiful clothes, top it with great accessories, change hairstyles, color, etc…

In Fashion designer you own a design studio, and you have to do the fun stuff, to design different clothes, some following customer wishes, other let to your imagination, the game interface is really intuitive and simple. You can use different types of clothes, add details, change colors, etc. After you can add your creation to the showroom where other players can vote for them.

You can earn money in Fashion Designer by completing jobs for buyers. You can start by clicking on a buyer in the shop and see what jobs they might have for you. You have to types of jobs those you can choose in the shop or other brough to your design studio, that you can accept or not.

Design Cred are points that you can collect for creating fabulous clothes! The more Design Cred you get, the more features you unlock. You can earn cred by getting your buyer’s job request just right and also by creating fierce looks that your friends and other fashion designers like, which also gives you a love bonus!

Another great thing is that Fashion Designer is created by the makers of Mall World and both games work together. Once you start playing Fashion Designer, you will automatically have a Fashion Designer floor in your Mall World store!

This means your friends can purchase your designs, and you get to make a profit! Any design you have saved in your portfolio slot is what will be for sale at your Mall World store. When in Fashion Designer, all closet items from Mall World will be there for you to use to create awesome Looks!

Fashion Design is a must for everyone that likes fashion!

Tips and Tricks

Fashion Designer Guide and Tips


How do I save/change a Look?

 Once you’re in your portfolio, click on a free portfolio slot to begin styling your Look. If you do not have any free portfolio spaces, you will then need to either purchase another slot or save over a Look you’ve already created. Once you have a free slot, you can click on it to begin creating your Look. To edit a previously saved Look, click on the pencil icon on the right side of the Look profile. You can now select a different design, accessories and/or avatar style! Once you’re finished with a Look, press save. To completely get rid of a saved look, you can delete it from the right hand side of the avatar profile by clicking the garbage can icon. Be careful! You cannot undo this.


What is love bonus?

If you make a design that your friends or other fashion designers love, they can tell you so by liking your design in the showroom! The more likes you receive, the higher your love bonus gets. Love bonus goes toward your design cred. So make sure you put some oomph into your design and get your friends to show you some love!


What can I do while waiting for my designs to finish?

 Don’t want to wait? You can always speed up your design by clicking the blue “Make Now” button next to your dress form while your design is in progress. You can speed up the creation of longer designs by speeding it up by five minutes for free, or speed up to 48 hours with Facebook credits. Okay waiting? Go shopping! Clicking on the shop button will take you where you can spend your cash to buy new details, colors palettes and dress kits to help you create more fabulous and chic designs! You can also spruce up your portfolio by saving one of your last 20 designs into a Look for all to admire. Or visit your Mall World shop! You may visit the showroom to check out your Looks and also check out what your friends and fellow fashion designers have been creating.


What can I do in the Show Room?

 Visit the show room to see what other designers are creating in Fashion Designer! Get some inspiration from the New Looks, see what’s hot in the Top Looks tab, compare looks with your neighbors in the Friends tab, and check out what your favorite fashionistas are up to in Designers I like! You can also show other designers some love by liking their designs and giving them a bump in their love bonus.


How do I get more dress forms?

At this time you can reach up to three dress forms by leveling up. The ability to purchase more is in the plan for the future.


Can I mix and match tops and bottoms from different kits?

You cannot mix and match while you’re designing from a kit. However, you can mix and match if you have a top and bottom from separate kits while you are creating a Look.


How do I add neighbors?

Click on NEIGHBORS in the pink menu bar at the top of the game window.  Here you’ll find all of your facebook friends whom you can invite to be your neighbors!  You must add people as friends on facebook first before you can add them as a neighbor.


How do I accept neighbor request?

There are two ways, you can either go to the neighbors tab at the bottom of your screen and find the space that has a green box with “Accept Friend” in it.  Click to accept.  Or you can click the Neighbors tab at the top of the game to accept pending neighbor requests there.


How do you remove a neighbor?

Click the neighbor tab and scroll to the find the person you want to remove.  Hover over their tab and a small X in the top right hand corner of the tab will appear.  Click the X to delete neighbor.


This area just some of the most common question you might get, if you have more just ask away!

This tips are originally from the game guide, you can see it here.

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