Fashion World

  • Genre: Dress-up, Store Management
  • Developer: Metrogames
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

Fashion World is a Facebook Game developed by MetroGames that gives you the opportunity to manage your own fashion store.

The game plays like most restaurant or store management games, you get your own store, and you have to manufacture clothes, shoes and all kinds of fashion items. This is done in sewing machines and requires several clicks to do, then you have to wait some time for the product to be finished and ready to display on the shelfs, the amount of time to wait varies from item to item, usually the longer the time the more profit you get.

You can also decorate and expand your store, and improve it with more functional items like racks and change rooms,  expanding is done by buying more floors, you can then place stairs or lifts, the better your store goes the higher your popularity will be, and the more customers you will get.

A nice touch is the possibility to produce your own custom clothes, choose the type and colors, and sell you exclusive product, just let your imagination flow.

Socially you can hire friends to work in your store, send gifts or visit your friend store where you can get some pieces of clothes to use on your avatar, with lots of customization options, or to sell.

If you play Auto Hustle, you will get some exclusive items to use on your store, this is a nice touch and allows the developers to make some advertising 🙂

Graphics are nice, but maybe too much cartoonish for the theme, where more realism and glamor would be expected. Sounds and music are standard.

Overall, Fashion World is a very nice option for fashion and management fans on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks

Fashion World Help and Tips

Manufacturing Clothes

Inside the store, in the Functionals tab you will find sewing machines you can use to manufacture your clothes. Every single garment has a specific time to be manufactured, and it will give you a specific amount of experience so you can level up and get access to new objects/clothes that will allow you to make your store and your clothes more fashioned. You also have the great option to “Instant manufacture” your clothes by using Facebook Credits which will finish the production instantly, so you can place them on an exhibitor and start selling them without waiting. Also, inside the catalog you have a special option called “Custom Clothes”. Inside that option you’ll have access to a menu that’ll show plenty of models, patterns, accessories, and colors. After you finish designing your clothes, you can manufacture them, either just for you or for you and a friend! This way you would send the production as a gift.


In Fashion World once you finish your clothes you have to place them on an exhibitor, so the people that walks into your store can try them on in a dressing room and decide if purchasing them or not. We offer you a handful of exhibitors of every type, try them out and combine them with the colors of your floors and walls so you can have the coolest store ever! Once you’ve placed your clothes on an exhibitor you can move your clothes to a different rack just by clicking on them and dragging it to the other one, so if you don’t like the combination or you want to reorder your store you can do it as easily as that. Also you can place decorative items on the exhibitors so you can make even more combinations! Isn’t that great? There are thousands of possible arrangements, try them out as you fashion your way to the top!

Dressing rooms

In order to satisfy your customers you would need to have dressing rooms available, so they can try out the new clothes that they’ve chosen to purchase. Watch closely, as customers often try any clothes they grab!


Inside the decorations menu we provide you with any type of accessory that would make your store look modern and stylish. You can find different tabs under that button thet are separated in: “Doors”, “Windows”, “Floors”, “Walls” and “Props”. Inside any of these tabs you’ll find a big variety of items that would fit your fashion’s needs. There are many styles, differentiated with a symbol, like Oriental, Hollywood, Bohemian, 20’s, etc. There are new decorations every week. Also you can place “Props” on the exhibitors so they highlight more inside your store. If you do it properly, it will look much more organized and cooler!


The employees in Fashion World will help you maintain your popularity high; customers will come to them in order to purchase new clothes so be cautious and try to always have all the available employees hired. We also let you dress your employees with any type of clothes. You can purchase clothes to your employees in your friend’s stores, and you can use customized clothes on them and change their appearance! You can make multiple combinations so you can have the most stylish employees in the game.

When you want to hire a new employee, you’ll be prompted to a list of all your Facebook friends where you can select any friend you want to be your employee.


In Fashion World we give you our catalog where you can find all the clothes we designed for you to manufacture. There you can look the price, the experience it grants you when you complete it, the profits that you’ll earn. You can separate them in categories like bottoms, tops, shoes, etc. Also, we grant you the chance to have your own catalog, completely made by you! Right next to our catalog you’ll find “Custom Catalog” and inside there you can find all the customized clothes you made. You can add them permanently so you can have your own fashion catalog with your favorite clothes!


In Fashion World we dare you to complete all the fashion challenges so you can be the greatest manager of all times! You can find the achievments menu by clicking on the medal on the lower right part of the screen. Inside there you will have all the specifications about how to obtain them. After you obtain any achievement a window will pop up so you can post it on your wall and show all your friends how fashioned you are!

Cat Walk in Fashion World!

Inside the great world of fashion we give you the chance to participate in a cat walk! Look for the mysterious person that has a question mark over him/her and click on it, that will prompt you to this exclusive mini-game where a “Theme” is selected randomly (for example winter, summer, casual) and a variety of clothes will be given to you, and depending on which theme was assigned to you, you’ll have to dress that person with the proper combination of clothes and then go straight to the cat walk where judges will score you depending on how the theme assigned was respected, combination of colors and the pattern of the outfit you choose.

Visiting your neighbors store

When you visit your neighbors, you can help them by cleaning their stores. Find and clean all the dirty clothes by clicking on them and you’ll get a reward! Also, you can purchase clothes from your neighbor’s exhibitors and you can use them to customize your employees and mannequins. There’s also an option to grab your neighbor’s overproduction from their sewing machines and it will be automatically added to your giftbox so you’ll be able to sell this clothes on your store.

Angry Customers

When a customer is angry and leaves the store, a tooltip will appear at the top of his/her head displaying the reason. For example: if there is a dressing room crossed with an X, means that you don’t have any dressing room available for that customer. Another example will be if the dressing room is blocked by an item, that would mean that the customer does not have access to it.

Reasons for having angry customer:

  • No clothes available
  • Customers can’t access clothes
  • No dressing room available
  • Customer can’t access dressing room
  • No salesman available
  • Dressing rooms full
  • Customer can’t access salesman

Lock and Early Unlock

Every level in Fashion World has a specific amount of sewing machines that you can use. When you reach the limit it will display a lock on the specific tab and it will grant you the option to use the feature called “Early Unlock”. This feature will allow you to unlock sewing machines without having to reach the necessary level. For example if you are in level 2 and the early unlock displays that you’ll have one sewing machine at level 5 and you purchase it, when you reach level 5 you won’t be able to use it since you already did with the “Early Unlock” feature.


There are different expansions that will allow you to make your store bigger so you can have more space to locate your decorations and other items. There’s a new feature and you can also add different floors! You will need to have a certain number of neighbors to buy them with coins. Alternately, you can just use your Facebook Credits.

This Tips are based on the Official Help Guide from the game page.

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