• Genre: Puzzle, Match-4
  • Developer: Tetris Online, Inc
  • Monthly Users: 900
  • GD Star Rating

Feevo is a super-fun puzzle game which requires players to match four or more similar pieces to earn points and progress through levels. Remove five or more to evolve the pieces into special Feevo characters with cool powers.

Clear matches with the Feevo characters to unleash their power, or try to evolve them again into Super Feevo characters for the ultimate game board-clearing ability.

Clear as many pieces as possible in a single move to enter Fever Mode for even bigger points! Use Items and the Mystery Box to increase your chances for success.

Best of all, you can compete against your friends on Facebook to see who has the biggest Feevo score out there. Good luck!

Feevo is a new Facebook game from Tetris Online, it is a fast paced, adrenaline charged puzzle game, where you have to match 4 or more pieces called Feevo characters, hearts, clubs, diamonds or stars are just some of the cute animated characters you have to match.

There are already a lot of 3-match games like Bejeweled Blitz or Diamond Dash, Feevo tries to innovate by introducing the fourth piece, and instead of 60 seconds game, you have a limited number of plays, as you play you can gain bonus and get extra movements, so you play as long as your move meter doesn’t reach zero.

Feevo Main Screen


Feevo features lots of power-ups, and some extra bonus moves depending on the number of simultaneous pices you can match, the higher is the number the better will be the result, up to the Fever Mode where all your score will be multiplied by the achieved multiplier.

Feevo also features an extra Peegle section,  when you clear pieces you get balls that will spawn and rool around the game screen, giving you extra points.


As you level up, new power-ups become available,  also new backgrounds and pieces, some other nice touches include the possibility to compare your performance with your friends, with graphics and medal count, achievements or send your friends gifts like energy or piece sets.

Feevo further enhances competition with a weekly Tournament with Feevo coins and Prize Medal.

Feevo graphics and faultless and very polished too. Another great addition to our list and to your options when it come to puzzle games on Facebook. Try it!

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