Fight Camp

  • Genre: Fighting, Role Playing
  • Developer: Electrolab
  • Monthly Users: 10000
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Fight Camp is a Role Playing game on Facebook, where you take on the role of a Fighter and you have to make your way to the top. The game is pretty paced up, with nice graphics and animations. Create the baddest fighter on the planet and unleash the fury! Team up with friends in the cage and on the streets in the hottest new fighting game on Facebook!

You start the game by fully customizing your avatar, hair, body type, clothes etc…, you can get back to customization at anytime by entering your locker room.

In Fight Camp you can create your own martial-arts fighter, learn new moves, collect powerups, and plan your tactics. Buy cool new gear, like gloves, headgear, tattoos, clothing, and defenses. Compete with your friends in unique challenges. Fight in cages all over the world, like like Vegas and Brazil. Win belts and new sponsors!

The game has a nice and simple tutorial presented by your coach, introducing you to the game basics, you learn how to fight, how to use your moves and get new ones, you also quickly understand the strategy behind the fight, it is more than just hitting your opponent, you have to balance the use of energy, with your moves, rest when necessary and try to beat your opponent using different strategy.

Fight Camp is currently in Beta. That means there could be bugs or issues that you run into. While you are participating in the beta, if you see anything out of the ordinary, just send a message to the lab, while at the game screen, click the orange envelope button in the lower-left corner. It’s faster than a text message!
Developers state that the game will feature regular updates and fixes to the game throughout the beta period based on your feedback and suggestions!

Fight Camp is a very interesting game, with very nice options and features and variety of things to do!

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