Fish World

  • Genre: Aquarium Simulation
  • Developer: Tall Tree Games
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Fish World puts you in control of a virtual aquarium. Take care of your fish, feed them, decorate their tanks, and keep them happy! Get your friends involved with gifts, caring for their fish, and cleaning their tanks.

There are several Aquarium related games on Facebook, Happy Aquarium and Fishville collect the most users, maybe because of that Fish World doesn’t have more players, as for the game itself, it is similar to those mentioned. You have your own aquarium (more as you advance in the game), have to breed various species of fish, feed them, keep them happy, and eventually sell them. You can also decorate you tanks with multiple items. As usual some items and fish will only be available as you level up. The graphics are nice and the fish and decorations detailed, nothing wrong there.

All the social features are included, gifting, visiting your friends to help them out in their aquariums, etc. Some extra nice touches (that are more and more usual), include quests, that involve you to ask your friends for something, like the strawberry Crab quest, that when finished will grant you a crab to cleanup your aquarium, all you need is to ask your friends for a algae to feed him.

Another quite unusual, or at least it has nothing to do with aquariums, is the possibility to play bingo, this can be used when your are waiting for some fish to grow or other stuff, or just to pass time.

Fish World is one of the best aquarium simulations on Facebook, but maybe all the offer are too much alike, and the competition stated recruiting first.

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Fish World, 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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