FishHunt Guide & Walkthrough

This guide will lead you through the first steps of FishHunt Game, and teach you the basics on interface and gameplay.

First you need to choose your character or avatar gender.

After which you are taken to your ship already in the middle of the water, and have to learn how to guide it, it is simple enough, just click on the steering wheel, and click on the square where you want to go.

You are welcome to the game by a funny character, ol’ cappy he will be you guide through most of the tutorial quests.

You now learn that there are several types of baits and rods, each bait is compatible with some types of rods, and can be used to catch some types of fish. This means that you must have several types in order to catch different types of fish, but this will come later.

For now you just have to

click in your rod and then click in a square around your boat top start fishing.

The first time you catch a fish of a certain type you can add it to your trophy room, you have a little ceremony with some fire works, and you also have hints to catch that particular type of fish.

Later you can upgrade your trophies with better plaques and decorations but almost all cost Facebook Credits. All you have to do is to click in the fish.

Hints can later be gifted or received from friends by visiting their trophy rooms.

Your boat has a limit to how many fish you can carry, you start with 10, once you reach this limit you have to sell your fish or it will spoil.

Selling has some considerations to watch, fish prices in the store change from time to time, you should try to understand this fluctuations in order to sell the fish when its price is high, at the beginning you don’t know, but as you play you can get a better idea of each fish normal price and try to profit from it.

Also in order to preserve you fish in the boat you have to pay attention to you Ice, you can see in the next to screenshots your Ice meter and where to buy.

Ice Meter

Where to buy Ice

You also have to look for bait, just head over shore and look for a worm, usually it gives you several bait. But some bait can only be found in the store.

How to look for Bait

Buying Bait in the Shop

Types of Bait you can buy in the Shop

In the shop is also where you sell the fish you catch, as explained above, watch for price changing.

How to sell your Fish in the Shop

Leveling up in FishHunt is done by acquire fishing licenses and not by gaining experience. When you have performed all the task or quest in one license, the next one will be available in the top left corner of the game screen.

FishHunt License and Tasks

After acquiring your new license new areas of the world map will be available for exploration and new tasks.

FishHunt worldMap

New areas require you to catch new fish and also to use different kinds of bait and rod. Look for hints on how to catch different species in your trophy room.

There is also the possibility to check on your friends rooms for hints, ask them hints or send them hints. For that you just have to move your mouse over your friend portrait on the bottom of the game screen, and 2 option appear:

Friend Options

View Trophy Room – You can see your friend Trophy Rooms and the fish hints, send or ask for hints about a particular fish.

Send or ask for fish Hints

The other option is “Gifts and Hints” and takes you to the following screen, with a message board and the send Gifts option:

Message Board

The Send Gifts option is actually for send and asking for gifts.

Note: One of the tasks on the second license, requires you to ask for an old boot from your friends, you have to click the “Send Gifts” button and then ask your friends for it!

Send and request gift board

Besides rod fishing you can also use a net to catch more fish, this requires to place the net and wait some time before bringing it back to the boat, but you have to be careful, because after the estimated time finishes, you a certain amount of time or the net will break.

More things will be added to this guide…fell free to participate by sharing with us!

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