• Genre: simulation
  • Developer: HitGrab Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 200
  • GD Star Rating

Grab your rod and join players from around the world on the most addictive ocean adventure ever! In FishHunt, you’ll be challenged to outsmart a wily bunch of fish, style your trophies and create the perfect fishing boat while letting everyone know that you’re the real master-angler!

FishHunt is a new Facebook Game about fishing, we recently reviewed Go Fishing another fishing game, but they are quite different.

FishHunt is more Facebook looking, nice characters, more cartoonish and a lot more pace, make this a game even for people that don’t like fishing at all.

Its all about doing tasks and quest, while evolving, you start with a small boat, a basic rod and some basic bait, thats all you need to start catching some fish.

You also have to look for bait along the shore, you can upgrade your ship and material, get better bait, better rod etc…

You have to sell your catching in the store to make some money to buy better bait, and materials.

FishHunt features some nice extras like collections, and a trophy room where you can display the fish you catch, each fish has some special hints to catch him like the type of bait or where it can be caught, this hints can be traded through gifting between friends.

The leveling in FishHunt is done differently than in other games, instead of experience, it is done with fishing licenses that you have gain access, once you master all the quests from the previous license.

Each new license will give you access to new exploration areas, new types of fish and new items. Each area will have new quests, new fish to catch, and there are a lot of areas!

FishHunt graphics are very nice and the game is played in an enjoyable environment, with many funny touches from characters and dialogs.

A pretty nice game on Facebook standards and one to at least try.


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FishHunt, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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