Fitness City

  • Genre: Management
  • Developer: iZ Social
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Fitness City gives you the opportunity to design the perfect place to take care of your body and mind and feel better. Fitness City is a management game developed by iZ Social for Facebook.

Stress, hurries, unhealthy habits… The people of this city are begging for a place in which to look after themselves, relax and forget about pollution, noise and their daily routines. Open the doors of your new Fitness Center and turn it into a Wellness.

Spinning classes, yoga, massages, swimming, weight lifting, beauty treatments, wine therapy sessions, paddle tennis, contrast baths, Pilates, self-defense training, Tai Chi… There’s all you need to equip your fitness center and to expand it. Do pay attention to your members’ requests: each of them has different lifestyles and needs.

Your center is awesome? Then spread the word! Launch some promotion campaigns so that everybody around knows where to go to get in shape.

Fitness City Tips & Tricks

  • Pay attention to your members’ requests. Keep them satisfied and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Wellness activities and items give you more prestige, which is very effective to attract new members.
  • Your neighbors help you to succeed. Visit or ask them when you run out of energy.
  • Be fast when picking up your rewards after completing activities and you will get great bonuses.
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