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Flower Shop is a Facebook game where you can grow flowers and sell them in your own Flower Shop.

The game features a nice and simple tutorial, which will explain the basics of gameplay, basically you have to plant and grow different flowers, each with it’s own growing time, you have a garden to clean and expand, which also features a nice storage building that can be later upgraded.

Your garden is next door with your store,, in the store you sell your flowers, they are sold as floral arrangements, in 3 steps, you have to choose the flower, then the vase in which they are to be sold, and extras, ranging from a simple postcard to more expensive gifts like engagement rings and others.

Also some goods have to be bought from suppliers, and that takes some time until you have them available in the store, you can also decorate your store, walls, doors and windows, utility items like floral displays and shelves.

Flower Shop is full with goals to achieve, friends to be visited and also full character customization, nice graphics and a nice theme.

Tips and Tricks

Flower Shop Help, from the game official help

Decorations can be purchased from the Market. While only some decorations serve a functional purpose (e.g. Floral Displays, Doors), all decorations will improve the arrival rate of Flower Shop customers.
Each player starts out with a single employee (intended to represent the player). Currently, up to 4 additional employees can be hired (5 employees total).
Shop Expansions allow you to increase the size of your Flower Shop.
Garden Expansions allow you to increase the size of your Garden.
Experience (XP)
Experience is gained through various in-game activities including harvesting flowers from your garden and preparing floral arrangements inside your Flower Shop. Experience allows players to reach higher levels and unlock additional items.
Floral Displays
Floral Displays are required to prepare floral arrangements. Click on an empty Floral Display inside your shop to get started. Floral Displays can be found in the Market under the Floral Displays tab.
Flower Shop Cash
Flower Shop Cash is earned when floral arrangements are sold to customers. Floral arrangements are prepared on Floral Displays with flowers harvested from the garden. Vases & Extras increase the purchase price of floral arrangements.
All flowers grow from seeds purchased from the Market and planted on Garden Plots. Most flowers will need to be replanted following each harvest (e.g. Daisies, Lilies) while a few (e.g. Red Roses, Trumpet Vines, Camellias) will re-grow without the need for replanting.
Free Gifts
Free gifts are available for players to send to their friends (limit of one per friend per day). Gifts expire if they are not claimed within 10 days.
Garden Plots
Garden Plots can be found in the Market under the Flowers tab. All flowers grow on Garden Plots.
Goals provide players with rewarding tasks to complete.
Leveling Up & Unlocking Items
As players gain experience (XP) in the game and level up, they will unlock additional items including Flowers, Floral Displays, Vases, and more.
The Market is where you can buy:

· Garden Plots and Seeds for growing flowers.
· Floral Displays for preparing floral arrangements.
· Decorations to improve the arrival rate of customers.
You can also sell items you no longer wish to keep by dragging items over the Cash Register image. In most cases, you will receive 20% of an item’s original purchase price.
Players can invite their friends to be neighbors in the game. Each day players may:

· visit their neighbors and gain experience (XP) by volunteering.
· help themselves to some flowers from their neighbors’ gardens.
Seasonal Flowers
Seasonal flowers are available only for a limited time.
Speed Up
Speed up employees with drinks from the Drink Menu. Drinks enable employees to work twice as fast as they normally would.
Flowers are stored in storage once harvested. Storage units have finite capacities.
Vases & Extras
Vases & Extras increase the purchase price of your floral arrangements. You can order them from the Floral Arrangement popup (by clicking on an empty Floral Display).
Vivian is your guide when you first start the game; she is also your first neighbor.
Volunteering at neighbors’ gardens provides valuable experience (XP) for the volunteers and welcomed assistance for the neighbors. Volunteers can only be used for work in the garden.

Flowers wither 24 hours after they first become ready for harvest, however, flowers that grow on shrubs (e.g. Red Roses, Trumpet Vines, Camellias) do not wither. Flowers in storage also do not wither.

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