Fluffy Birds Flash

  • Genre: Match-3
  • Developer: GameDuell
  • Monthly Users: 9600
  • GD Star Rating

Fluffy Birds Flash is a match-3 Facebook game from Game Duel, it is practically a clone of Fluffy, also from game Duel, but without the Bird House, and instead with weekly tournaments and leader board so you can compete with your friends.

Fluffy Birds Flash is a 3-match game, you have birds aligned in electrical wires, and you can move full rows or or columns to form groups of 3 or more of the same color, when you do they fly away.

If you form groups of 4 you will get bonuses, and if you manage to gather 5, you get an electrified bird, that when put together with other of the same color, performs a burst and manages to gets all around him to fly away thus giving you higher scores.

The game is played in 60 seconds rounds, and you collect milestones every time you play, then at some point you get lots of eggs as reward.

Fluffy Birds Flash is a pretty nice match-3 game, but in my opinion to similar to Fluffy, but hey if you like the genre is another option!

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