• Genre: simulation
  • Developer: Runaway
  • Monthly Users: 700
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There is a word for Flutter, beauty, this game is really beautiful, can you imagine yourself as a butterfly, wondering around in the amazon tropical rain forest? This is what the game is about, you are a little butterfly and you goal is to take care of it. Dive into the Amazon rainforest and join the greatest new social game adventure.

The future of the rainforest is in your hands as you nurture a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna. Work with your friends to discover the forest’s story, and challenge them to create the best grove.

There is a lot to do, but you can do it in a fantastic and gorgeous environment, surrounded by flowers, small animals and lots of involving vegetation. The calm and relaxing environment is further enhanced by the appropriate soundtrack the game features.

As for the gameplay, Flutter features a very well paced one, you start the game by choosing one of 3 species of butterflies available, and you are taken through the tutorial, which is well built, featuring the basic stuff, how to move and what you have to do in the game, this will involve gathering honey, watering flower around, helping some stranded insects, and exploring….

You also have your own groove, your place, where you can grow other butterflies, by placing cocoons, feeding them and waiting them to grow. You also have to place flowers, foliage, and special utility items to help you out on your quest. Different plants and flowers have different role, some produce water, some produce honey, etc..

Another great thing about Flutter, is that is all about exploring, as you level up you gain access to new forest zones, even secret passages, so while you are waiting for some tasks to finish you can explore deeper into the rain forest discovering lots of new things.

Socially you can visit your friend’s groove, help out or drop gifts. There is even a special social flower that produces honey each time your friends visit you, this is designed to further improve sociability.

WWF Store


Flutter features a store to buy some special items, mainly to decorate you groove, it also features a special WWF store, were a percentage of everything you buy reverts to the World Wildlife Fund.

Every item in Flutter has an information menu, accessible by clicking on it, and there is not much more to say about this game, than just try it! Its beautiful, well designed, with a great interface and gameplay, and you can even be helping the WWF.

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