Flying Kingdoms

  • Genre: City Building, Adventure
  • Developer: Vostu
  • GD Star Rating

Flying Kingdoms is a new city building and adventure game on Facebook. Build your Kingdom and forge alliances to bring back the peace to the Flying Kingdoms! Explore mysterious lands, face terrible enemies and forge alliances with your friends to bring back the peace to the Flying Kingdoms world.

Flying Kingdoms uses the same theme and environment of Zynga’s CastleVille, set in the age of castles and magic, where you have to build your kingdom with the help of your friends while exploring the game world for treasure and adventure.

Flying Kingdoms gameplay is a little different from other similar games, with two distinct section, one dedicated to the building and another for exploring and adventure, where you will find several characters to interact with, some friendly and some foe, quests are abundant, and the only limit is the amount of mana (the energy system used for exploration, monster fighting and resources gathering). Building and managing your kingdom uses actual energy, for building, planting and refilling.

With excellent graphics, cute characters and animations, entertaining music and sounds, Flying Kingdoms is actually a very enjoyable and entertaining game, even for CastleVille fans and offers a somewhat different gameplay experience.


Flying Kingdoms Gameplay Video

Flying Kingdoms, 4.3 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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