• Genre: Farming
  • Developer: Zynga
  • Monthly Users: 50000
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FrontierVille is a farming game, quite similar to FarmVille, but putting yourself in a quite more western environment. Frontierville is described by its creators as a ‘Wild West strategy, resource management and family life sim’. This gives you an idea of what you will need to pay attention to as the game unfolds.

One of the first things you notice is that everything you do uses up energy but results in a reward. To rise through the game efficiently you need to make the optimum choices at each stage so that you get the best returns for the energy used.

To level up you need experience points. The quicker you get them, the  faster you will rise to the higher (and more exciting) levels. To get experience points you need to keep up your income from crops, animals, trees and quests. Again, this means a careful balance between  resource and energy.

FrontierVille features gorgeous graphics and sounds, almost a requisite with Zynga games, cute characters, lots of items, quests and social interaction. With regular updates and new event coming out frequently you will never be bored playing FrontierVille!


Tips and Tricks

FrontierVille Tips for starters

Watch the Tutorial (Videos Section)

  • This shouldn’t need saying except we all want to skip ahead to the fun part! Whilst there is nothing in the tutorial that you can’t work out for yourself, you might not be clicking on everything that you should. So, if you are a novice, it is worth a look.

Play in Fullscreen

  • There is an icon in the bottom right of your game screen that will give you full screen mode This makes everything easier as well as being more enjoyable.

Browser Choice

  • If your game is running slowly try a different browser. Internet Explorer is by far the slowest browser for online games.


  • Clobbering takes excessive energy. To keep your energy meter full, you must get rid of them carefully. Removing skulls and chopping large trees encourages them to spawn. So hit them a few times to move them, and then start the rest of your harvesting, clearing, and gathering. You can work in peace and then finish off the critter when you are done.
  • To maximize efficiency, wait for cashing in on certain collections. For example, do not cash in on energy granting collections if you don’t need the energy. Wait until you are low and then cash in. This applies to other grants too including unwither boosts. Wait until your crops are withered to cash those in.
  • Visiting neighbors is the best thing you can do in game to get ahead QUICKLY. You can easily advance to level TWENTY in just 2-4 days. Maxing out your neighbors helps with this, so get ready to visit a lot of folks. Harvest and collect peanuts, peas, oxen, and peach trees.

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