Fruit Ninja Frenzy

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: Halfbrick
  • GD Star Rating

Fruit Ninja Frenzy – the hit fruit slicing game from Halfbrick! Compete with your friends, and participate in tournaments, unlock power ups in this slicing challenges of 60 second rounds!

How does the new Smoothie system work?

Fruit Ninja Frenzy now features an exciting new Smoothie system which allows players to level up their Smoothies to unlock all-new levels of power! Each Smoothie has three unique levels which can be unlocked at any time using Starfruit or Facebook Credits.

The first level of each Smoothie is now unlocked for free and we’ve also opened up all three Smoothie slots! That means you can jump straight into the action and experiment with different Smoothie combinations from the get go!

What happened to the old Smoothies?

The old Smoothies have been replaced with a new set of Smoothies which are far superior to their predecessors. There are currently five Smoothies available in the game and each can be upgraded to unlock powerful new features. The Fruit Ninja Frenzy Team will be adding more exciting Smoothies further down the line and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

What happens to the Starfruit I spent on my old Smoothies?

Starfruit will be automatically returned to players if they purchased any of the old Smoothies. No action is required by the user as this process will automatically take place when the new update is launched for the first time. The reimbursed Starfruit can then be used to purchase juice, blades, backgrounds and the exciting new range of Smoothies!

What does the new Blitz Bar do?

Fruit Ninja Frenzy now features a handy Blitz Bar which appears at the top of the screen during a Blitz. This clearly displays how much Blitz time you have left and also how close you are to reaching the next Blitz Level. A Blitz occurs whenever you score multiple combos in a short space of time. The longer you hold a Blitz, the faster the game gets. This means more juicy fruit to slice and a higher score!

Is it just me or does the game feel faster?

The Fruit Ninja Frenzy Team has made many subtle tweaks to the game which should make it more enjoyable for both casual and hardcore players alike. The game has been sped up slightly and the action is now more exciting than ever! It may take some getting used to but we believe all players will grow to love the new changes. We value your feedback so let us know what you think!

Can I play in full screen?

Yes! You can easily enter and exit Full Screen mode by clicking the icon in the top bar between the Dojo button and the Sensei’s Wheel button. Now you can play Fruit Ninja Frenzy in all its fruit-splattering glory without fear of slicing up your browser!


Fruit Ninja Frenzy, 3.9 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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