Galactic Trader

  • Genre: Space Strategy
  • Developer: 3 Blokes Studios
  • Monthly Users: 600
  • GD Star Rating

Galactic Trader is a space trading and combat game spanning the universe.

Compete with your friends to build the ultimate galactic company – explore planets, mine resources, equip your fleet with combat and cargo ships and challenge your friends to a round of friendly “war games”.

Galactic Trader is a new Facebook game from 6waves games. Galactic Trader is a hybrid of the Treasure Isle style of seek-and-click games combined with the theme and flavor from sci-fi games like Mass Effect. In fact, there are some serious similarities with Mass Effect that make the game feel comfortable for those of us who are totally comfortable as Commander Shepard.

The main objective of Galactic Trader is to level up by a combination of exploring new planets and fighting enemies encountered in space. Traveling through the solar system is as simple as clicking on the planet you want to go to. Landing on planets takes energy, as does seeking for resources while on the planet. You scan planets to reveal the best locations to dig. Scanning costs 3 energy but it shows you exactly where to dig. While digging you discover a variety of materials such as aluminum or titanium, money to spend, and experience.

You start the game with just one ship at your disposal and a whole galaxy to explore. The objective is to expand your empire and see everything that the galaxy has to offer. In between your tasks consist of fighting enemies and collecting materials to trade or sell. This materials cost coins or Facebook credits.

Visually, Galactic Trader as great graphics. The gameplay is great and the interface feels realy cool. A should try game!

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